11 Feb 2018

Grapple Mania

Normal registration
27 Nov - 29 Jan 12:00
Late registrations
Deadline 07 Feb 23:59


Grapple Mania is the hottest grappling tournament to hit the North West taking place at Bolton's Macron Stadium, Sunday 11th February 2018

We will running both GI & NO-GI divisions from 10 am – 4pm

Accompanied by 20 professional pre-matched "superfights"

Entry price for one division is £25 and £40 for both gi and no-gi

Entry price for juveniles is £10 (aged 12 - 15)

NOGI Divisions

Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced

GI Divisions

White / Blue / Purple

Juvenile Division all 4 minute matches

Master Division all 5 minute matches

Weigh ins take place from 9am (there will be no refunds if you don't make weight). If you are entered into gi and no-gi, providing you are in the same divisions, you will only need to weigh in once. 

Competition start time approx: 10am

The "super-fights" will start at approx: 12pm

Spectator tickets are priced at £20 for adults, £10 for juniors

There will be no refunds if a competitor misses weight, incurs an injury, or pulls out after registering.

If there are less than 3 entries in a division, competitors will be contacted to see whether they wish to merge divisions, or be moved down an age group in the event of master entries. This is to prevent competitors being left with no matches in their division. If this is not an option, and there is no one in a competitors division, and they are unable to compete in a higher category, then a refund will be issued.

All divisions will be run on a single elimination basis.

Please note, we respect all entrants and gyms and wish you a successful day competing, however we operate a zero tolerance policy regarding inappropriate behaviour by coaches, parents/guardians, spectators and competitors. Anyone seen to be behaving inappropriately maybe disqualified from the event and asked to leave the venue.


Macron Stadium
De Havilland Way Bolton BL6 6SF »
Timezone: Europe/London


  • Boys GI 10 GBP
    Age 12 - 15
  • Girls GI 10 GBP
    Age 12 - 15
  • Boys NO-GI 10 GBP
    Age 12 - 15
  • Girls NO-GI 10 GBP
    Age 12 - 15
  • Male NO-GI 25 GBP
    16 years and above
  • Female NO-GI 25 GBP
    16 years and above
  • Male GI 25 GBP
    16 years and above
  • Female GI 25 GBP
    16 years and above