Inscription normale
24 Jan - 15 May 21:00
Durée de l'évènement 20 May - 21 May



Warwick University, Coventry CV4 7EU  May 20th - 21st 2023

Registration fees will be offered at a super discounted rate, then a discounted rate, then a normal rate (Limited to the late registration deadline or full capacity). Please register early for the best price. BJJ BRITISH OPEN tries to accommodate as many athletes as possible in our events, but there is a limit on the number of athletes in order to guarantee a high quality event.

You can make changes to your registration via your Smoothcomp account until midnight on 15th May.  Event organisers may make changes to your division but it is the athlete's responsibility to move divisions if they wish. If there are any errors on the application or the name is not included on the list, changes should be made until the event's registration deadline, requests sent after the correction deadline will be ignored.

When registering, you will be asked if you agree to move up in weight, age, or rank if you/your child is the only competitor in the division. If you answer yes, the tournament organizer will use its best judgment to create competitive matches for every athlete. If you/your child has at least one other competitor in his/her division, the category will run. In case it is not possible to provide a match after category combining, and the athlete will not take a medal or points in the ranking, it is possible request a registration refund up to 24 hours after the event date (23rd May 23:59)


Make sure to get to the event at least 60 minutes prior to your bracket schedule. Athletes can be called 45 minutes before the estimated start of the division, a no show after 3 PA System calls will lead to immediate disqualification. 

Please be in the bullpen 45 minutes before the estimated start of the division and remain until called to your mat. 

Athletes must bring valid identification such as a driver’s license, passport or IBJJF ID.

Kids checking in will need a BIRTH CERTIFICATE, PASSPORT or IBJJF ID.

All competitors will be ask to show identification and proof of registration at the main entrance and weigh in area. Without valid identification you/your child will be disqualified. 

Pro MMA fighters, competitive wrestlers and Judo Black belts must fight blue or above or face DQ.

Please make sure you register in the correct weight division as failure to make weight will result in DQ. There is NO TOLERANCE on weight categories and weigh ins are with the GI ON.

COMPETITOR LISTS: Competitor Lists will be live throughout the registration process and can be viewed by checking out the registrations tab on the event page. 

BRACKETS and SCHEDULE: 48 hours prior to the tournament, the event brackets and tentative schedule will be released. You can tell when your matches are coming up by checking the tab on your mobile device during the competition. We will also make an announcement in the venue to report to the weigh-in area 45 mins before your match. If a competitor does not report for weigh-in when called they will be DQ, so please be at the mat on time for your matches.

BJJ BRITISH OPEN strongly suggests that the athlete's registration is finalized before making any travel arrangements.



  • Boys Gi 75 GBP
    4 -15 years old
  • Girls Gi 75 GBP
    4 -15 year olds
  • Juvenile Boys Gi 75 GBP
    16-17 years
  • Juvenile Girls Gi 75 GBP
    16-17 years
  • Male Gi 80 GBP
    18 years and above
  • Female Gi 80 GBP
    18 years and above

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