Gi in IBJJF Rules (No advantages) / No Gi in EBI Rules (Submission only)


Format: AGC Wiesbaden will be done a double KO (minimum 2 fights per division) format. 

Order of fights: Superfight, Kids Gi, Kids No Gi, Adults Gi, Absolute Gi Adults No Gi, Adults Absolute No Gi.

Weight: Weight ins are throughout the day. You will get a wrist band once you are weighed in. 

Time: Kids should be there between 0900 and 0930. Adults will start around 1300. Final schedule will be released on 1 November 2019.

Divisions that do not have enough competitors will be merged with other divisions.

What AGC is: a fun BJJ and Grappling tournament that offers a good atmosphere at a resonable price.

What AGC isnt: Its not the World Championship, if you´re looking for an uber profesional tournament the IBJJF and Abu Dahbi Championships will gladly take your money.

How is AGC different?

We offer

Every adult competitor gets a nice cold

We are 100% sponsored by local businesses.
We have divisions for newbies with less than six months experience.
Open for MASTERS


Registrations will close before the tournament so that you can have the brackets and schedule 1 or 2 days before you are scheduled to fight.

Order of fights is as follows. Super fights, Kids Gi, Kids No Gi, Adults Gi, Absolut Gi Adults No Gi, Absolute No Gi.

-Format: We strive to give you a Round Robin  Tournament but depending on registrations this may be single elemination. Kids get a Round Robin format regardless.

Time frame: White and Master are 5 minutes. NoGi 1 Over time

Blue 6 minutes. No Gi 2 Over times.

Purple + 7 minutes Nogi 3 Over times

All EBI Over Times are capped at 3 minutes

No Advantages, its up to the ref to decide who wins in Gi matches.


The Organiser reserves the right to merge or split divisions as needed


White less than 6 months (A submission does not have to be fully on for the ref to stop the match) 

Purple and above  (Purple and above division play under Black Belt IBJJF rules)

For more details please review The IBJJF Rule Set.



-Beginner Less than 6 months 


- Intermediate 

- Advanced 

Women Divisions are Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced


Everything that isn't forbidden,


All divisions:

Striking, kicking, biting, clawing, spitting

Fingers in body cavaties

Throws on head or neck

Flying scissor takedowns

Jumping guard

Being too passive

Fleeing from the mat or any unsportman like behaviour.

Unsportsmanlike behaviour in general


Beginners only:

Heelhooks, applying torque pressure on neck or spine, guard jumps & slams

Every forbidden technique an lead to a warning or to (instant) disqualification. The referee alone has the sovereignity of decision.


Sportschule MMA Warriors Club Wiesbaden »
Schönbergstraße 5
Fuseau horaire: Europe/Berlin


  • Male Gi 30 EUR
    16 years and above
  • Male No Gi 30 EUR
    16 years and above
  • Master Male Gi 30 EUR
    32 years and above
  • Master Male No Gi 30 EUR
    32 years and above
  • Open Weight Male Gi White 10 EUR
  • Open Weight Male NoGi Beginner 10 EUR
  • Open Weight Male Gi Advanced (Blue and above) 10 EUR
  • Open Weight Male NoGi Advanced 10 EUR
  • Female No Gi 30 EUR
  • Female Gi 30 EUR
    16 years and above
  • Female Open Weight Gi 10 EUR
    combined Begginer & Advanced
  • Female Open Weight NoGi 10 EUR
  • Kids Gi 20 EUR
  • Kids No-Gi 20 EUR