18 Jan 2020
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Blue Belt NO-GI Throwdown 2020

The Desert Jiujitsu BLUE BELT NO-GI THROWDOWN is a SUBMISSIONS ONLY tournament! If there is no submissions during the round we run EBI overtime rounds.

The rules for the tournament:

Get your opponent to tap out within the round time and win that match. There will be matches that do not get a "tap out" within the round time. In that case we will go to over time (OT). We will do a sort of penalty, sudden death, (Like soccer) shootout. It will be put into 1 sudden death round for regular rounds and 3 overtime rounds for the finals.

Sudden Death Round: Athletes have a choice of back control or Armbar position from mount. The Athletes will be placed with one having the other's back with both hooks in and a seatbelt (over, under hands). They will try to finish their opponent while the other tries to escape. If that athlete finishes then we will set them the other way around and the other athlete will try to finish as well. If the second does not finish, they lose and first athlete wins. If the second does finish then the winner is the one with the fasted finishing time. Now if neither of the athletes finished the winner will be the one with the fastest escape time.

Submissions not allowed:

Since it is a "Blue Belt" tournament we will not be allowing:



PLEASE!! If there are any gray areas or technicalities that you have doubts about or questions please feel free to contact us or bring up during rules meeting the day of the tournament! 


10th Planet Jiujitsu El Paso »
1491 Lee Trevino Dr, El Paso, TX, 79936
Fuseau horaire: America/Denver


  • Women NOGI 45 USD
  • Men NOGI 45 USD