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28 Feb - 09 Apr 00:01
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Deadline 17 Apr 23:59


**SOLD OUT ** Brackets ready and published.

BJJ tournament with a Double KO system for WHITE BELTS ONLY to work on your competition experience.

Doors open at 09:00. Weigh-in opens at 09:15. Fights start at 10:00. We expect to end at 13:30. 


Brackets are ready. Please check your timelines. Your weigh-in closes 30 mins before the start of your bracket. 


All competitors weigh

Gi. The Weigh-in opens at 09:15 and closes 30 minutes before the start of your bracket. Also the Men 94+ and Women 65+ need to show up at weigh-in.  


We created BJJ Friends events for BJJ enthousiasts who want to gain competition experience in a smooth environment. Therefore double-knockout and Smoothcomp. f.i. you can check your fighting times using your smartphone. 


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Mensfortweg 20, 5627 BR Eindhoven
Fuseau horaire: Europe/Amsterdam


  • Men 15 EUR
    16 years and above
  • Women 15 EUR
    16 years and above