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PGF Season 4 Qualifier #1 - Decatur, AL

PGF Season 4 Qualifier #1 - Decatur AL

- Open Rank. All styles, belt levels and experiences may register. 

- The weight classes for this season are:

            - Men's Lightweight (155 pounds or less)

            - Ladies Bantamweight (135 pounds or less)

- Same Day Weigh Ins

- We will use our scale to determine weight. If you miss weight matside, you forfeit the match.

- No refunds on the registration fee ($119) for any reason. This is non-negotiable. Please note this before registering. 

We will be looking for competitors of various skill sets and ranks to participate in PGF Season 4. 

PGF 4 will take place in Decatur, Alabama on October 23-29, so if you think you are gonna make the roster you need to be in Decatur and Game ready on those days. You will compete 12 matches during the week, with the top 8 moving on to the tournament on Saturday. 

There will be 10 PGF Qualifiers. The winner from each Qualifier will receive an automatic invitation to participate in PGF Season 4. 

The rest of the roster will be chosen from Qualifier participants. No one will be on the roster that doesn't come through the Qualifier. 


  • Click here to register for the PGF 4 Qualifier 119 USD
    PGF Qualifier

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