Grappling Divisions

6 and Under

BJJ-1 (m/f) Submission BJJ

BJJ-2 (m/f) Submission No Gi

7-8 Years Old

BJJ-3 (f) Submission BJJ Novice

BJJ-4 (f) Submission BJJ Advanced

BJJ-5 (f) Submission No Gi Novice

BJJ-6 (f) Submission No Gi Advanced

BJJ-7 (m) Submission BJJ Novice

BJJ-8 (m) Submission BJJ Advanced

BJJ-9 (m) Submission No Gi Novice

BJJ-10 (m) Submission No Gi Advanced

9-10 Years Old

BJJ-11 (f) Submission BJJ Novice

BJJ-12 (f) Submission BJJ Advanced

BJJ-13 (f) Submission No Gi Novice

BJJ-14 (f) Submission No Gi Advanced

BJJ-15 (m) Submission BJJ Novice

BJJ-16 (m) Submission BJJ Advanced

BJJ-17 (m) Submission No Gi Novice

BJJ-18 (m) Submission No Gi Advanced

11-12 Years Old

BJJ-19 (f) Submission BJJ Novice

BJJ-20 (f) Submission BJJ Advanced

BJJ-21 (f) Submission No Gi Novice

BJJ-23 (f) Submission No Gi Advanced

BJJ-24 (m) Submission BJJ Novice

BJJ-25 (m) Submission BJJ Advanced

BJJ-26 (m) Submission No Gi Novice

BJJ-27 (m) Submission No Gi Advanced

13-14 Years Old

BJJ-28 (f) Submission BJJ Novice

BJJ-29 (f) Submission BJJ Advanced

BJJ-30 (f) Submission No Gi Novice

BJJ-31 (f) Submission No Gi Advanced

BJJ-32 (m) Submission BJJ Novice

BJJ-33 (m) Submission BJJ Advanced

BJJ-34 (m) Submission No Gi Novice

BJJ-35 (m) Submission No Gi Advanced

15-17 Years Old

BJJ-36 (f) Submission BJJ Novice

BJJ-37 (f) Submission BJJ Advanced

BJJ-38 (f) Submission No Gi Novice

BJJ-39 (f) Submission No Gi Advanced

BJJ-40 (m) Submission BJJ Novice

BJJ-41 (m) Submission BJJ Advanced

BJJ-42 (m) Submission No Gi Novice

BJJ-43 (m) Submission No Gi Advanced

18 Years and Over Old Submission BJJ Female

BJJ-44 (f) (18+) Novice (under 115 lbs)

BJJ-45 (f) (18+) Novice (116-130 lbs)

BJJ-46 (f) (18+) Novice (131 lbs and over)

BJJ-47 (f) (18+) Advanced (under 115 lbs)

BJJ-48 (f) (18+) Advanced (116-130 lbs)

BJJ-49 (f) (18+) Advanced (131 lbs and over)

18 Years and Over Old Submission No-Gi Female

BJJ-50 (f) (18+) Novice (under 115 lbs)

BJJ-51 (f) (18+) Novice (116-130 lbs)

BJJ-52 (f) (18+) Novice (131 lbs and over)

BJJ-53 (f) (18+) Advanced (under 115 lbs)

BJJ-54 (f) (18+) Advanced (116-130 lbs)

BJJ-55 (f) (18+) Advanced (131 lbs and over)

18 Years and Over Old Submission BJJ Male

BJJ-56 (m) (18+) Novice (under 145 lbs)

BJJ-57 (m) (18+) Novice (under 160 lbs)

BJJ-58 (m) (18+) Novice (under 175 lbs)

BJJ-59 (m) (18+) Novice (under 190 lbs)

BJJ-60 (m) (18+) Novice (under 205 lbs)

BJJ-61 (m) (18+) Novice (205 lbs and over)

BJJ-62 (m) (18+) Advanced (under 145 lbs)

BJJ-63 (m) (18+) Asdvanced (under 160 lbs)

BJJ-64 (m) (18+) Advanced (under 175 lbs)

BJJ-65 (m) (18+) Advanced (under 190 lbs)

BJJ-66 (m) (18+) Advanced (under 205 lbs)

BJJ-67 (m) (18+) Advanced (205 lbs and over)

18 Years and Over Old Submission No-Gi Male

BJJ-68 (m) (18+) Novice (under 145 lbs)

BJJ-69 (m) (18+) Novice (under 160 lbs)

BJJ-70 (m) (18+) Novice (under 175 lbs)

BJJ-71 (m) (18+) Novice (under 190 lbs)

BJJ-72 (m) (18+) Novice (under 205 lbs)

BJJ-73 (m) (18+) Novice (205 lbs and over)

BJJ-74 (m) (18+) Advanced (under 145 lbs)

BJJ-75 (m) (18+) Asdvanced (under 160 lbs)

BJJ-76 (m) (18+) Advanced (under 175 lbs)

BJJ-77 (m) (18+) Advanced (under 190 lbs)

BJJ-78 (m) (18+) Advanced (under 205 lbs)

BJJ-79 (m) (18+) Advanced (205 lbs and over)

40 Years and Over Old Submission No-Gi Female

BJJ-80 (m) (18+) Novice

BJJ-81 (m) (18+) Advanced

40 Years and Over Old Submission No-Gi Male

BJJ-82 (m) (18+) Novice

BJJ-83 (m) (18+) Advanced


  • Hard Traditional Forms 75 CAD
  • Hard Traditional Weapons 75 CAD
  • Hard Open Forms 75 CAD
  • Hard Open Weapons 75 CAD
  • Soft Traditional Forms 75 CAD
  • Soft Traditional Weapons 75 CAD
  • Soft Open Forms 75 CAD
  • Soft Open Weapons 75 CAD
  • Point Fighting 75 CAD
  • WKC Continuous Sparring 75 CAD
  • Submission BJJ 75 CAD
    Must register for a first division
  • Submission BJJ No Gi 75 CAD
    Must be registered for a first and second division
  • Coach's Pass 25 CAD
  • Parent or Spectator (purchase at door) 25 CAD

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