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10 Apr - 29 Apr 21:00
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Deadline 20 May 21:00
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Deadline 29 May 21:00


This is an IBJJF Points competition open to everyone and all experience levels. This event will have Male and Female Weight Divisions, Females are allowed to register in Males Divisions, including Opens. You are allowed to fight up Belt divisions if you wish to challenge your self.

This comp will be run under The Jiu-Jitsu Studio Darwin Rules based on the IBJJF points rules please make sure you are aware of the rules prior to starting.

Only Categories with 3 or more people will commence! Changes to weight categories and line ups will be by consultation with the fighters requiring to either join another division or to receive a refund. 


You can register in your belt level and higher if you choose!

We will only allow for a min of 5 min break in-between fights!

Belt Opens will only open to people who have registered for their weight division.

Abuse off any kind, including Referees, Marshalls, Owners, or of Other Guests will not be tolerated and anyone doing so will be asked to leave the premises.

All Belts Sub only with a Cash prize will be based on number of people entering it. All belts will fight each other, all weights will fight each other, Opponents one or more belts higher than opponent must sub in 10min or automatically loose (EG: Purple on White must sub!) (Brown on Blue or white must Sub)

Opponents 20Kg or more above there opponents weight (Men /Men) (15kg Men /women) must sub with in the 10min unless belt rule applies, weight is -1 belt level (EG: 90kg Blue belt fighting a 70KG Blue Belt, 90kg competitor must sub or loose) (90K Blue fighting 70Kg Purple this will end in a draw) (90kg Blue fighting a 70Kg Brown, Brown belt must sub or loose)

All other matches will be considered a draw and both competitors will go back into the draw. Draws will be done out of a hat on the Day!


The Jiu-Jitsu studio Darwin »
2/19 Toupein Rd
Fuseau horaire: Australia/Darwin


  • Mixed Gender Weighted Gi 25 AUD
    16 years and above
  • Male Absolute Gi (All weights) 15 AUD
    Fights are by Belt Colour
  • Mixed Gender Weighted No-Gi 25 AUD
    16 years and above
  • Male Absolute No-Gi (All weights) 15 AUD
    Fights are by Belt Colour
  • Female Gi 20 AUD
    16 years and above
  • Female Absolute Gi 15 AUD
    Fight are by Belt Colour
  • Female No-Gi 20 AUD
    16 years and above
  • Female Absolute No-Gi 20 AUD
  • All Belts, All Genders, Absolute Gi, Sub Only! 10 Min rounds 10 AUD
    Cash Prize!! All belts, All weights, Male and Female Sub only Absolute