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How to Tell When Someone is Lying So You Can Kick ‘Em to the Curb There are lots of myths and unsupported theories out there but these are the 7 common signs – based on FBI agents, Drs, etc - that will help you know someone is lying : 1. They behave out of character This is the most important sign. When you ask them a question, their body language and actions are different from how they normally react and respond. 2. Eye contact They either can’t make eye contact at all or try to make too much eye contact. This is a tough one. Keep in mind this needs to be out of character. If this is how they always behave, they may not be lying. 3. They touch their face As soon as they start explaining themselves. 4. They do the shoulder shrug When you ask a question, they do a slight shoulder shrug. It’s a way to release tension and anxiety. (Great one!) 5. They hold arms and hands closer to body They’re trying to deal with the anxiety and tension. Inner stress takes on physical symptoms. 6. They place objects between you and them Like a chair or cup. It somehow makes them feel more comfortable. They feel safer. 7. They relax when you change the subject They’re happy you got off the topic and started talking about something else. And it’s obvious! It always pays to be the smarter one. Don’t get fooled by a liar.

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