Matchmaking Policy

We will endeavor to find a suitable match for all entrants.

In the event there is no one else in the category you have entered, we will try to merge you with the next most suitable category.

During registration we ask whether you are willing to:

  • Go up in weight one category only
  • Go down in age one category only (for masters)
  • Are happy to be moved either age or weight
  • Would prefer to be refunded if there's nobody in your category

We will not automatically move people by more than one category.

If you are happy to go up more than one weight category or are a masters age-group athlete who is willing to move down more than one age category, please log in to your Smoothcomp account and make the change yourself within 24 hours of the close of registration.

Matchmaking for Children and Juveniles

We follow UKBJJA matchmaking guidelines for children, to give them as many opportunities as possible to compete in a safe environment.

If a child does not have a match in their category, they will have the opportunity to compete up one weight, age or belt category. We will automatically merge any un-matched children following those guidelines.

For safety reasons, we cannot permit a child to go up more than one age, weight or belt category.

We will not merge entrants in the children's divisions with those in the juvenile divisions.

If your child is unmatched after the close of registration and you do not wish for them to be moved to a different division, please contact us for a refund of the entry fee.



  • Girls Gi 20 GBP
  • Girls No-Gi 20 GBP
  • Boys Gi 20 GBP
  • Boys No-Gi 20 GBP
  • Male Gi 50 GBP
    18 years and above
  • Male No-Gi 50 GBP
    18 years and above
  • Female Gi 50 GBP
    18 years and above
  • Female No-Gi 50 GBP
    18 years and above
  • Male Absolute Gi 20 GBP
  • Male Absolute No-Gi 20 GBP
  • Female Absolute Gi 20 GBP
  • Female Absolute No-Gi 20 GBP
  • Ultimate Absolute - No Gi (Male) 20 GBP
    No Gi prize absolute
  • Ultimate Absolute - No Gi (Female) 20 GBP
    Prize absolute

Cancel/Refund policy