Australian Girls In Gi Competition



  • Gi Round robin for women and girls aged 5 and above
  • No Gi Round Robin for women and girls aged 5 and above
  • No Gi Worlds Qualifier* single elimination tournament ages 18 and above 


9:00am     Doors open/Arrivals - no early access

9:00am     Weigh ins for Gi & No Gi Round Robins

9:30am     Weigh ins for No Gi Round Robin close 

10:00am   Information Session speeches, mat allocations. 

10:00am   No Gi matches commence 

11:00am    Gi weigh ins close 

11:00am    Gi matches commence  (Gi matches commence at completion of ALL No Gi Round Robin matches)

12:30pm:  Qualifier Tournament commences - bracket available online


Please note: we cannot release exact start times for your matches though we will endeavour to run the competition as quickly as possible and keep you informed throughout.


All spectators welcomed as audience & supporters.

Friends, family, coaches & team mates encouraged.

Videography encouraged.

Photography encouraged.


Round Robin

Adults: 4x 5 min matches each = 5 competitors per division* 

Juniors: 3x 3 min matches each = 4 competitors per division

* max. matches per person & dependent on entries. 

Qualifier Tournament* 

Minimum 12 entries for Tournament to run

Qualifier tournament

No Gi

Open weight

18 years+

6 minute matches

Single elimination - randomised bracket

Blue belt and above

IBJJF Brown/Black belt rules for No Gi

Uniform rules as per IBJJF No Gi

Winner receives travel package to compete at IBJJF No Gi Worlds 2022.


Round Robin:

On arrival, no earlier than 9am (doors open at 9am).

Can be done in casual clothes or uniform.

If you do not wish to see or know your weight during weigh in, please let our staff know.

If you do not wish to stand on the scales you will be allocated to the group with the higher total weight on the day.

Qualifier Tournament:

No weigh in




Round Robin:

Your round robin bracket is yourself + the 4 women/3 teens/3 kids closest to your weight that are within your belt rank. We prioritise grouping adults to their belt rank first and weight second.We prioritise appropriate matches for teens and discuss first with parents if we are considering merging them to adults divisions. Teens requesting to be added to adults divisions are done on a case by case basis and only with parent & competitor permission. We prioritse safety when building kids divisions and take into consideration both weight and rank.

Bracket release for round robins are on the day of the competition, after weigh ins are confirmed. Round robin brackets will not be published online. 

Brackets for Qualifier Tournament:

Bracket and time released online one day prior to the event.


Round Robin:

Match points, rules & guidelines as per IBJJF handbook.  

No advantages recorded. 

Clean, safe, correctly fitting uniforms in both gi and no gi. 

Gi: uniform can be any colour but must be BJJ weight cotton.

Belt must represent rank.

Patch art encouraged. 

No Gi: no singlets, no low cuts, no high cuts.

All torso, chest, butt  & thigh must be covered.

Rashguard tops required.

Lycra colours do not need to represent rank & can be of an colour.

Teeshirts & shorts are allowed over lycra only if safe/not so loose to affect game play.

Qualifier Tournament:
Rules per IBJJF handbook for rules of play for IBJJF No Gi Worlds 2022 - brown/black rules

Scoring as per IBJJF No Gi Worlds 2022

Uniform as per IBJJF No Gi Worlds 2022


Refund policy:

Refund requests within 14 days of the competition are politely declined.

If we are unable to find you a match after the close of registration, we will offer you a refund. We will contact you after the close of registration if we are unable to find you a match.


Still have questions? Contact us via email. 


SJJA Brookvale »
14 Carter Rd, Brookvale NSW 2100
Fuso Orario: Australia/Sydney

Cancel/Refund policy


  • Spectator ticket - single 11 AUD
    Entry for one person
  • Spectator ticket - family 22 AUD
    Entry for a family of 2 or more persons