Tournament Rules

This tournament is open to all contestants at least five (5) years of age on the day of competition and who are registered members in good standing with the United States Judo Federation (USJF), United States Judo, Inc. (USA Judo), or United States Judo Association (USJA). All contestants must present a current and valid USJF, USA Judo or USJA membership registration card as proof of insurance at the time of registration.

All matches will be conducted using the current IJF Contest Rules with the following modifications:

·         Modified Double Elimination Bracket format and Round Robin for groups of 5 or less.

·         Contest area shall be 6x6 meters with 4-meter safety area between competition areas and 3-meter outside border.

·         The CARE system may be in use, if not three referees will be on the mat.

·         Any competitor who suffers a concussion (as determined by the medical staff) and /or who losses consciousness from head impact will not be allowed to continue competing in the tournament that day in any division.  If a competitor suffers such an injury, they are strongly advised to obtain a medical release from their personal physician before returning to train and compete in Judo.

·         Players who are choked out are NOT allowed to continue to compete in the tournament.

·         The Golden Score (3 minute over-time, sudden victory) rules will be in effect for Seinan Brown and Black Belt division only.  If the IJF division is applied, "Golden Score" will be unlimited time. All other regular divisions, Golden Score will be limited to one (1) minute.  If the score is still tied after 1 minute, the referee (and Judging Team or Mat Supervisor if no Judges) shall render a decision. There will be no Golden Score for the Novice Divisions

·         Pre-2003 medical rules

All competitors MUST wear Judo Gis that comply with current IJF Judo Gi specifications regarding sizing.

White Judo Gi is Mandatory. Contestants should bring their own blue and white belts.  Blue Judo Gi is optional for blue side only.

Yonen REGULAR divisions (from 5 to 12 years old): (Orange/Green and Blue/Purple/Brown)

1.      2 ½ minutes

2.      No Shime-waza (choking techniques)

3.      No Kansetsu-waza (arm lock techniques)

 Shonen REGULAR divisions (13 years to 16 years old): (Orange/Green and Blue/Purple/Brown/Black)

1.      3 minutes

2.      No Kansetsu-waza (arm lock techniques)

Seinen (Senior) Novice divisions (17 years and older that have not reached brown belt):

1.      3 minutes

2.      No Kansetsu-waza (arm lock techniques)

Seinen (Senior) Brown and Black Belt divisions (17 years and older):

1.      4 minutes

2.      Full IJF rules

Veterans Brown and Black Belt divisions (35 years and older):

1.      3 minutes

2.      Full IJF rules

The Tournament Committee reserves the right to make any necessary changes in the best interest of the sport and the competitors. Divisions may be combined at the discretion of the tournament committee.


  • Boys 50 USD
    Males, Ages 5 to 16
  • Girls 50 USD
    Females, Ages 5 to 16 years
  • Senior Men 50 USD
    Males, Ages 17 and older
  • Senior Women 50 USD
    Females, Ages 17 and older

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