06 Nov 2021
24 Aug - 29 Oct 11:59 pm
Deadline 03 Nov 11:59 pm
Deadline 06 Nov 12:00 pm


Modified IJF rules will govern the judo tournament.  IJF interpretation of transition between ne-waza and tachi-waza will be implemented.  Penalties shall be used to discourage negative judo and promote positive judo. 

A white uniform, white belt, and blue belt are required by all judoka.  Uniforms should cover the wrist and ankles.  No t-shirts should be worn under the uniform except for females who should have a white t-shirt.  Mouthguards are optional.  If you are assigned to white and have only a blue uniform, you could forfeit the match.  White and blue belts will be available for all participants.

Every effort will be made to provide separate divisions for white belts.  Every effort will be made to provide gender divisions for Bantam divisions.  Intermediate and up will have gender divisions.  Every effort will be made to have weight divisions that span less than 25 pounds, but for very small and very large children this may not always be possible.  All divisions will be available for coach approval before the start of the competition.  Parents should consult their coach if they have questions about the rules, divisions, or judo related questions.




Relaxed uniform rules

3 minute match, and 2 minutes golden score (sudden death), then referee’s decision

Start standing, pulling guard is accepted

Stop (matte) when fully out of bounds with no progress, then restart standing in center


Take down with control earns waza-ari (half-point)

Pins of 5 Seconds or more earn waza-ari (switching pins does not gain more points)

Submissions win.

Whoever has the most waza-ari at the end of 3 min wins


 Automatic Stop (matte) and restart in the center when there is:

- unintentional contact to eyes nose or mouth with hand or opponents lapel

- dangerous bending of the neck and spine

- lack of progress while out of bounds


 Penalty (shido):

- Unintentional strikes with hands or feet

- Jumping guard

- Repeatedly avoiding a player to run clock

- Repeatedly going out of bounds to restart standing


Disqualification (Hansokumake):

- Slamming your opponent from guard (daki-age)

- Locks to joints other than the elbow (no ankle, knee, wrist locks)

- Chokes using bare hands or fingers or applying direct pressure to the trachea with hands

- Intensional Strikes


Hanahan Gymnasium »
1255 Yeamans Hall Rd
タイムゾーン: America/New_York


  • Open/Absolute 50 USD
    Cash Prize 50% of total division entry fees!
  • Senior Men (MN, MA) 60 USD
    Men 15yrs and up
  • Veteran Men (VM) 60 USD
    Men 30yrs and up
  • Mens Kosen 60 USD
    Men 15yrs and up
  • Senior Women (WN, WA) 60 USD
    Women 15 yrs and up
  • Veteran Women (WV) 60 USD
    Women 30yrs and up
  • Women's Kosen 60 USD
    Women 15 yrs and up
  • Cadet Men (B6) 60 USD
    Men turning 15, 16, or 17 this year. Chokes and Armbars Allowed.
  • Cadet Women (G6) 60 USD
    Women turning 15, 16, or 17 this year. Chokes and Armbars Allowed.
  • Juvenile (B5, G5) 60 USD
    Girls or Boys turning 13 or 14 this year. Chokes Allowed.
  • Intermediate (B4, G4) 60 USD
    Boys or Girls turning 11 or 12 this year
  • Bantam 3 (B3, G3, C3) 60 USD
    Boys and Girls turning 9 or 10 this year
  • Bantam 2 (B2, G2, C2) 60 USD
    Boys and Girls turning 7 or 8 this year
  • Bantam 1 (B1, G1, C1) 60 USD
    Boys and Girls turning 5 or 6 this year
  • Kata Performance 60 USD
    Price shown is for each team