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Elite Grappling Championships 4

The KASAI Elite Grappling Championships is New York City’s premier Jiu-Jitsu and grappling competition for men, women and kids.


KASAI’s day-long event the Elite Grappling Championships is New York City’s premier Jiu-Jitsu and grappling competition for men, women and kids

Our goal is to provide a great experience for our competitors including high-quality professionally run matches and brackets, a smooth schedule, and a fun atmosphere.

Early-bird registration is $85 per competitor. Individuals who sign up for Gi and No Gi tournaments in the same weight class will receive $40 off their registration fee for a discounted rate of $130. Participants in the KASAI Elite Grappling Championships will receive a complimentary t-shirt.

All competitors who earn a medal in their respective brackets will also be eligible for the Elite Grappling Championships male and female Absolute tournaments at no extra cost.


* Ages 5 and up

* Weigh in will be from 8:30 to 9:30 am

* Weight division change allowed after weighing in

* First Matches at 10 am

Important Dates:

Early Bird Registration Deadline: 09/01/2019

Registration Deadline: 10/03/2019

Competitor Corrections Deadline: 10/04/2019 

Schedule Release: 10/05/2019

Brackets Release: 10/05/2019


Competitors will weigh-in on the day of the event, right before their first match wearing their competition attire Gi or No Gi according to their division. Competitors will only have one attempt to make weight. If competitor fails to make weight, he/she will be automatically disqualified. There is absolutely no weight class change(except for Kids and Teens) or refund.

Weight Classes:

Mighty Might (5 and 6 year olds)

Light Feather - 42 lbs

Feather - 48.5 lbs

Light - 55.5 lbs

Middle - 62 lbs

Medium Heavy - 69

Heavy - 75.5lbs

Super-Heavy - 82.5 lbs

Ultra-Heavy - No weight limit

Pee Wee (7 and 8 year olds)

Rooster - 48.5 lbs

Light Feather - 53 lbs

Feather - 60 lbs

Light - 67 lbs

Middle - 73.5 lbs

Medium Heavy - 80 lbs

Heavy - 87 lbs

Super Heavy - 93.5 lbs

Ultra-Heavy - No weight limit

Junior 1 (9 and 10 year olds)

Rooster - 60 lbs

Light Feather - 67 lbs

Feather - 73.5 lbs

Light - 80 lbs

Middle - 87 lbs

Medium Heavy - 93.5 lb

Heavy - 100 lbs

Super Heavy - 106.5 lbs

Ultra-Heavy - No weight limit

Junior 2 (11 and 12 year olds)

Rooster - 71 lbs

Light Feather - 80 lbs

Feather - 89 lbs

Light - 98 lbs

Middle - 106.5 lbs

Medium Heavy - 116 lb

Heavy - 125 lbs

Super Heavy - 133.5 lbs

Ultra-Heavy - No weight limit


Rooster - 89 lbs

Light Feather - 98 lbs

Feather - 106.5 lbs

Light - 116 lbv

Middle - 125 lbs

Medium Heavy - 133.5 lbs

Heavy - 143.5 lbs

Super Heavy - 152.5 lbs

Ultra-Heavy - No weight limit

Juvenille (16 and 17 year olds)

Rooster – 118 lbs

Light Feather – 129 lbs

Feather – 141 lbs

Light – 152 lbs

Middle – 163 lbs

Medium Heavy – 174.5 lbs

Heavy – 185.5 lbs

Super-Heavy – 196.5 lbs

Ultra-Heavy - No weight limit

Female Gi Adult and Master 1

Rooster - 107 lbs

Light Feather - 118 lbs

Feather - 129 lbs

Light - 141.5 lbs

Middle - 152.5 lbs

Medium Heavy - 163.5 lbs 

Heavy - 175 lbs

Super Heavy - 175 + lbs

Female No Gi

115 lbs, 125 lbs, 135 lbs, 145 lbs, 155 lbs, 170 lbs, +170 lbs

Male Gi: Adult, Master 1 and 2

Rooster - 127 lbs

Light Feather - 141.5 lbs

Feather - 154.5 lbs

Light - 168 lbs

Middle - 181.5 lbs

Medium Heavy -195 lbs

Heavy - 208 lbs

Super Heavy - 222 lbs

Ultra Heavy - 222 + lbs

Male No Gi

145 lbs, 155 lbs, 170 lbs, 185 lbs, 205 lbs, + 205lbs.


All Gi matches (kids, teens, juvenile, adult and masters) will follow IBJJF rules and guidelines


EGC No-Gi Rules

Time limit:

5 minutes Beginners and Intermediate 

6 minutes. Advanced

Final: Advanced division final match - 6 minutes + 2 minutes overtime (golden score). In the event of a tie, then the winner will be determined by judges’ decision.

Beginners: white belts or up to 1 year of training

Intermediate: blue belt or up 3 years of training

Advanced: purple, brown and black belts or 3+ years if training.

Legal Techniques:

Any kind of choke (except for using the hand to close the windpipe).

Any armbar, shoulder lock, or wrist lock

Any Leg Lock or Ankle Lock (Beginners level straight foot lock only)

Slamming can be used only in order to prevent a submission. Otherwise is considered as illegal. (Except for beginners)

Illegal Techniques:

Cervical and Neck Cranks

Striking of any kind

Eye gouging or fish hooking

Grabbing the ears

Hair pulling

Small joint manipulation

Scratching and pinching


Touching groin area

Hands, knees or elbows on face


Match decisions shall be issued in the following forms:




Loss of consciousness


Referee decision

Submission: When an athlete taps twice with his/her hand on the opponent, ground, or his/herself in a clear and apparent manner. When the athlete taps the ground twice with his/her foot, when arms are trapped by opponent. When the athlete verbally withdraws, requesting the match be stopped. When the athlete screams or emits noise expressing pain while trapped in a submission hold.

Stoppage: When one of the athletes alleges to be suffering from cramps, the opponent shall be declared winner of the match. When the referee perceives that a hold in place may expose the athlete to serious physical injury. When the doctor deems one of the athletes to be unable to continue a match due to injury rendered by the opponent using a legal hold. When an athlete presents bleeding that cannot be contained after being treated by the doctor on 2 (two) occasions, to which each athlete has the right for each injury and should be provided upon the referee’s request. When an athlete vomits or loses control of basic bodily functions, with involuntary urination or bowel incontinence.

Disqualification: When one or both athletes commit fouls.

Loss of Consciousness: The athlete shall be declared to have lost the match upon losing consciousness due to a legal hold applied by the opponent or due to an accident not stemming from an illegal maneuver by the opponent. Note: Athletes who lose consciousness because of head trauma should not be allowed to compete again in the same tournament and should be directed to undergo treatment from medical staff.

Scoring: The athlete with the most points shall be declared winner when the match has reached regulation time or in the event of the match being stopped due to both athletes suffering injuries.

Point System

1 point - submission attempt (near tap), takedown (no control), going from bottom guard to top after a poor submission attempt by the opponent.

2 points - takedown (3 seconds control), sweep and knee on belly

3 points - guard pass

4 points - mount and back control with either conventional hooks or body triangle

No advantages will be awarded

Attire: Shorts or pants made of elastic fabric (should hug the body) that contain no pockets (unless completely sewn shut), no buttons, no snaps nor any plastic or metal piece that presents risk of injury to the opponent. The length should be longer than mid-thigh but no lower than the knee. Shirts must be elastic (should hug the body) and long enough to cover the waistline of the shorts.

*For fouls and code of conduct refer to IBJJF guidelines and rules book.


Baruch College »
55 Lexington Ave
Timezone: America/New_York


  • Kids & Teens Gi 45 USD
  • Female Gi 85 USD
  • Male Gi 85 USD
  • Female No Gi 85 USD
  • Male No Gi 85 USD