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ADCC German Open Championships 2019

Germany‘s most prestigious Nogi competition: the annual ADCC German Open Championships. Competitors from all over Europe will fight for the Championbelts!

Event Information

Information on ADCC World Federation website.

Door open: 09.00 a.m. in the morning. We will have coffee, beverages and food available for sale starting at around 09.45 a.m. in the Foyer of the venue. Fighters who compete in divisions starting at 10.00 a.m. have to successfully weight-in not later than 09.45 a.m. in Fight clothes and show a valid ID at the weight-in. Fighters in each division can weight-in at any time, but fighters whose division will start shortly will be prioritized. So you don't have to wait all day to make your weight, but you can weight-in earlier for your convenience. 

Attention: as we have previously stated in the official info all classes with three or less competitors will be moved to the next division to ensure that a fighter has to win at least one fight to get a medal at this ADCC Championships. We have moved always lower classes to higher classes (e.g. four fighters in -76,9 kg and two fighters in -87,9 kg result in all 76,9 kg fighters have been moved to -87,9 kg. All fighters who have been marked with "fighter moved up in class" do not need to come to the weight-in, as they are already moved to a higher class and marked "OK" in the weight-in menu. This results in the lighter fighters will not have to be present at the weight-in and fulfill their previous weight-limit, but the heavier fighters have to). 

Competition starts on all mats at 10.00 a.m. in the morning. All mats will have a free livestream on www.sportdeutschland.tv and all fights will be recorded. 

Overview Rules and Points (PDF File)

Please follow the schedule and times, which will be posted on Friday noon. Times are updated in real-time so please do also check your times to be ready and warmed up for your fight, when you are called. 

We will have two award ceremonies for each mat during the day. One around noon/early afternoon for all the divisions which have been finished so far on each mat and one after the rest of the divisions of each mat will be finished. Times will be shown and updated in real-time in the schedule, so please make sure you are ready for the award ceremony, when your division is called. All award ceremonies for the divisions on each mat will be on a stage with coverage on the live-stream. Only fighters who are called for the award ceremonies and officials are allowed to enter the stage.

Attention competitors and coaches of the ADCC German Open Championships 2019!

We have received mails with information that some of the athletes in the "Beginner" division are training for more than two years. This information is accompanied by screenshots of Instagram posts and other social media, giving clear evidence that some athletes have signed up for Beginner (0-2 years of experience and training), whilst training for over two years and also have been victorious in Blue- and Purplebelt divisions in competition.

To make it very clear: we at ADCC Germany follow a "Zero Tolernance" policy when it comes to Sandbagging. It is simply just cheating in competition and we will not tolerate this, as we have to do our best to ensure the safety and well being of our participants.

We are currently checking registered athletes in the Beginner divisions randomly and want to make the following statement public.

1. Fighters, who are NOT Beginner level and have more than two years of experience will be given the opportunity to contact us via Messenger on Facebook not later than Thursday, July 25th at 10 p.m. Those fighters will be moved to the Intermediate division of their weight-class and will be able to compete.

2. Fighters, who are NOT Beginner level and will NOT get in touch with us by that time to correct this mistake will be disqualified on the spot when they come to the mat at the competition for their fight.

Honestly it is a shame, that we, as organizers and promoters of an event, have to remind few of you about the most basic principles of martial arts, such as fair play, good sportsmanship, honor and integrity.

Peter Angerer

Vice President ADCC Germany


  • Men +18 years 70 EUR
  • Men +18 Absolute Class 30 EUR
  • Women +18 yr 70 EUR
  • Boys 7-10 years 25 EUR
  • Girls 7-10 years 25 EUR
  • Boys 11-14 years 25 EUR
  • Girls 11-14 years 25 EUR
  • Boys 15-17 years 40 EUR
  • Girls 15-17 years 40 EUR

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