BJJ Rules


The WCMAC Championship is a unique Round-Robin tournament following the IBJJF rule set.  Each competitor will fight up to 6 times depending on the number of competitors in the division. Divisions are offered in gi and no-gi Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.  Competitors need to wear clean, un-torn, tight fitting outfits.

Basic Rules: Matches will start from standing and last 3 minutes for Juniors up to age 15 and 4 minutes for everyone else. Competitors who move onto or outside the border when standing or in a scramble will be restarted in the centre of the mat standing. If competitors move outside the area while in a fixed position the referee will call time and move them back to the centre of the mat in their current position.

Note: If a competitors moves out of the match area while under threat of submission the competitor will lose automatically if he is still in the submission hold when one or both have left the match area.

Ways to win:

  • Submission (physical and/or verbal)
  • Referees Stoppage (medical or rule infringement)
  • Corner or competitor stops fight

Safety Rules: Please see the list below for all illegal techniques. Note that the illegal adult White belt techniques apply to novice division and illegal adult Brown & Black belt techniques apply to the advanced divisions.

Only soft cups, ear guards and braces of any kind are permitted due to safety consideration of the other competitors. The referee will try to protect the competitors by stopping the fight to stop a foul or illegal technique in progress.

Committing 2 fouls in one fight result in an automatic disqualification from the match. However, the referee has the discretion to disqualify immediately after a serious, dangerous or deliberate foul.

The referee has the discretion to stop the fight at any time when he thinks that:

  1. A competitor uses any of the illegal techniques listed or commits any other foul. The referee has the discretion to give the competitor one warning or to disqualify him/her right away
  2. A competitor is not protecting himself properly and/or is in a submission hold that may put his/her health at risk in any way.
  3. A competitor and/or his coach acts in an unsportsmanlike fashion and/or tries to seriously hurt his opponent. This competitor will be disqualified.
  4. It is necessary for safety reasons. The referee's decision is final

Note: Any competitor committing a serious foul causing injury or death may be liable in a court of law so make sure to adhere to all rules and follow the directors and referee's directions at all time

Scoring system:  Competitors fight in a round-robin within their weight category. 3 points are awarded for a win, 1 point each for a draw (i.e. no decision or stoppage by end of time) and 0 points for a loss. At the end of the round robin the competitor with the highest scores wins. In the event of a tie a 3 minute tie breaker match will be run.  If there is no winner at the end of the tie breaker match the winner will be determined by the referee based on superior technique and dominance.

Find detailed descriptions of each foul here:  page 24-28.


3700 Willingdon Ave. Main Gym
Strefa czasowa: America/Vancouver


  • Hard Traditional Forms 75 CAD
  • Hard Open Forms 75 CAD
  • Soft Traditional Forms 75 CAD
  • Soft Open Forms 75 CAD
  • Point Fighting 75 CAD
  • Grappling Gi 75 CAD
  • Grappling No-Gi 75 CAD
  • Submission Cup 75 CAD
  • WKC Continuous Karate 75 CAD
  • Coaches Pass can be purchased through Eventbrite (see "Information") 40 CAD