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2nd Annual ROP Muay Thai Tournament

ROP Muay Thai is back with our 2nd annual amateur Muay Thai tournament. Our goal is to give amateur fighters the best opportunity to gain more experience and not break the bank.

All Skill Levels - Friendly and Professional Staff- Affordable Hotel - Full Bar and Restaurant


Registration is now closed. We have reached capacity. Thank you for your interest.

Competitors, Schedule your weigh in appointment at 


Weigh ins will be Friday 8/23/24 @ Rise Combat Sports. Make sure you complete your medicals and have them ready and printed out to submit to the commission.

ROP Muay Thai Tournament Tucson is sanctioned by the ISKA.


​Hilton Hotel East 7600 E. Broadway, Tucson, AZ 85710

Registration Fees Deadlines:

  • $85 Early registration till 6/24
  • $105 Normal registration till 8/4 - 11:59pm
  • $175 Late registration until 8/21 - 11:59pm

Competiton tank top for every competitor. (Tank must be worn during match) 


  • Junior Divisions 8-9yrs and 10-14yrs (male and female) Kids will be matched accordingly to age.
  • Teen Divisions 15-17yrs (male and female)
  • Adult Divisions 18yrs and over (male and female)
  • Max 4 person brackets (up to 2 matches). Multiple brackets for larger divisions. Max 100 Competitors.

Weight Divisions:

Adult and Teens 15-17 / Male and Female (Divisions will be consolidated as the event progresses.)

  • Atomweight 108lbs & Below
  • Super Atomweight 108.1-111lbs
  • Flyweight 111.1-114lbs
  • Super Flyweight 114.1-117lbs
  • Bantamweight 117.1-120lbs
  • Super Bantamweight 120.1-124lbs
  • Featherweight 124.1-128lbs
  • Super Featherweight 128.1-132lbs
  • Lightweight 132.1-137lbs
  • Super Lightweight 137.1-142lbs
  • Welterweight 142.1-147lbs
  • Super Welterweight 147.1-153lbs
  • Light Middleweight 153.1-159lbs
  • Middleweight 159.1-165lbs
  • Super Middleweight 165.1-172lbs
  • Light Heavyweight 172.1-179lbs
  • Light Cruiserweight 179.1-186lbs
  • Cruiserweight 186.1-194lbs
  • Super Cruiserweight 194.1-207lbs
  • Heavyweight 207.1-224lbs
  • Super Heavyweight 224.1 & Over

Junior 8-9yrs / 10-14yrs / Male and Female (Divisions will be consolidated as the event progresses.)

(Please note that youth weight divisions used are not standard divisions and are used specifically for this tournament.)

  • Flyweight Up to 55lbs.
  • Bantamweight 55.1-66lbs.
  • Featherweight 66.1-77lbs.
  • Lightweight 77.1-88lbs.
  • Welterweight 88.1-99lbslbs.
  • Middleweight 99.1-110bs
  • Heavyweight 110.1 and Up

Bout length and Brackets

All Adult and Teen bouts will be full contact Muay Thai fights. Bouts will be 3 x 2min rounds with 1 min rest between rounds.

All Junior bouts will be full contact Muay Thai fights. Bouts will be 3 x 1min 30sec rounds with 1 min rest between rounds.

  • Brackets with 2 competitors will square off head-to-head in a single match for Gold and Silver.
  • Brackets with 3 competitors: Two competitors will fight first (the system will randomly choose.) The loser of the first match fights the third competitor.  If the winner of match 2 has already met the first winner, they will not fight again.  Winner of the 1st match will be awarded gold. 
  • Brackets with 4 competitors will be single elimination matches. The 2 winners will meet for a Gold and Silver.


  • This tournament is single elimination.
  • Medals will be awarded to the 1st place and 2nd place in each division.
  • Athletes will not compete for the third place.

What medicals do I need? 

  1. You need a physical (by an MD or DO-no nurses) on the ISKA paperwork, download here:
  2. You need blood work if you are 16 or older (HIV, Hepatitis B-surface antigen, and Hepatitis C-Antibody) If you have fought in 2024 and are already licensed in mma or muay thai-we will accept that paperwork on USMTA or AZGAMING forms (mma.) Fighting from out of state? If you are already licensed, send us the form and we will get them approved.
  3. If you are 36yrs old or older, you will need an EKG with report. Our fight Dr. will also interpret at weigh-ins.
  4. All female athletes will have to take a pregnancy test at weigh-ins before the fights. Test will be provided by the commission or promotion at weigh-ins.

**all medicals must be brought to weigh ins. If you’d like to check and make sure they are right, you can email to [email protected] ahead of time. NO REFUNDS if medicals are denied at weigh ins (incorrect blood, etc.) 

When are weigh-ins and where?

Weigh-ins will be on Friday, August 23 at Rise Combat Sports, 7131 East Tanque Verde Rd, Tucson AZ 85715. Link for weigh in appointments will be available closer to the event. ( Weigh-in location may change)

What equipment will I use?

All athletes will wear headgear with no chin protection, cloth shinpads, groin protector (males,) mouthpiece, and gloves (either 10oz or 12oz depending on weight class.) Elbows will be allowed with athletes with 5 and over fights (elbow pads.) 

Who provides equipment?

The athlete will provide their own cloth shin pads, headgear with no chin/cheek protection, groin protection, and mouthpiece. We will provide gloves and elbow pads. 

What uniform should I wear to compete?

Athletes are required to wear Muay Thai shorts. We will provide a reversible jersey (blue and red) to fight in. 

Do my coaches have to pay/register?

Yes, all coaches must fill out a registration form. We will give one head coach from every gym (not one per athlete) a free pass. Any assistants, second coach, etc. will have to pay (same price as admission.) Registration and payment link will be available on or before July 24.

Can my friends and family come watch?

Of course. Tickets will be for sale at We have limited space so encourage them to buy soon. Tickets will be available soon.

More questions? Please text Jen at 415-519-3250 for more information. READ ALL FAQS FIRST…..

**ROP is trying to keep registrations as inexpensive as possible for all athletes. Unfortunately, this event has many fees associated with it, and that is how we are basing the costs. 


  • Male Muay Thai 105 USD
    Male athletes 18 yrs and older and Teen Male 15-17yrs
  • Junior Male Muay Thai Division 105 USD
    Junior athletes 8-9 and 10-14 yrs old (Kids will be matched by age, weight and skill with approval of coach)
  • Junior Female Muay Thai Division 105 USD
    Junior athletes 8-9 and 10-14 yrs old (Kids will be matched by age, weight and skill with approval of coach)
  • Female Muay Thai 105 USD
    Female athletes 18 yrs and older and Teen Male 15-17yrs

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