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19 Mar - 24 Jun
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25 Jun - 26 Jun

King of the Beach (Grappling and BJJ)

The biggest outdoor BJJ and GRAPPLING experience in Europe.

It’s our mission to deliver you the best competition experience by combining great fights, relaxing music, lovely foods and beautiful sun.

Double knock-out

Lost your first fight? Don’t worry because we guarantee 2 fights with our double knock-out system.  

Amazing atmosphere

Done fighting? Chill at the beach, take a swim, eat some tasty food or just enjoy the ambiance.


With the Smoothcomp system, you know exactly when and where to fight and get live updates during the day.

Great prizes

Next to glory, we also give away money prizes totalling 2.500 euro. 


30 June - 1 July 2018, Saturday Grappling (No-Gi), Sunday BJJ (Gi).
Both days doors open at 09:15. Competition starts at 10.15. End time is 17:30.


Saturday Grappling

Starts at 09:15 and closes 30 minutes before the start of your bracket. IMPORTANT: this is not the start of your first match, but the start of the first match of your bracket. All competitors need to weigh-in. You can not change divisions at the weigh-in, if you do not make weight, no changes will be accepted on the tournament day, no refunds. 

Sunday BJJ

All athletes should weigh-in with Gi. For the rest same process as Grappling.


Brackets will be created on Wednesday June 27th.


Check our website: http://kingofthebeach.eu/


KotB is perfect to bring your friends and family (also kids) to watch you fights or swim in the pool. Visitor tickets can be purchased on-site, Adults €4, kids (11 years and below) €3. Dogs are not allowed on the premises.


Check our website: http://kingofthebeach.eu/accommodation/


IJzeren Man Eindhoven
Javalaan 149, 5631 DB, Eindhoven, Netherlands »
Fuso horário: Europe/Amsterdam


  • Saturday Men Grappling 49 EUR
  • Saturday Grappling Women 49 EUR
  • Sunday Men BJJ 49 EUR
  • Sunday BJJ Women 49 EUR
    16 years and above