22 Jun 2019
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GB Compnet Mitsuyo Maeda II

We recommend using Google Chrome as your Internet browser

NOTE: When you register, please make sure you follow these steps.

1) Under "Academy", chose the GB School that you belong to. If you do not see your school there, click "Add a New Academy". For example, if you belong to Gracie Barra Issaquah, but do not see it as an option, click "Add a New Academy" and add Gracie Barra Issaquah to the list.

2) Under "Team/Association", please select Gracie Barra.

Start time and Location

Competition starts 9:30am Saturday 22nd of June 2019

Door opens for competitors and spectators 8:30AM

Spectator entry Fee: CAD $15.00 - Spectators will receive access to seminars, workshops and, for kids, the GB Kids Zone. (Kids 5 & Under are free.)

Competitors also receive access to seminars, workshops, and the GB Kids Zone for no additional fee.

Address for competition venue:

Terry Fox Secondary School

1260 Riverwood Gate, Port Coquitlam, BC V3B 7Z5

Please present yourself at the gi check & weigh-in area, prepared to compete, up to 1 hour before your call time. Call times continually update live on the Smoothcomp website. You are responsible for keeping track of your call time, keeping in mind, you may be called early. Check the website http://ibjjf.com/uniform/ for more information. Where your chosen category cannot be accommodated, you will be moved to the next most suitable available category. For Adults and Masters, this may mean moving downan age group or up a weight division. For Junior & Juveniles, this may mean moving up an age group, up a weight or in some circumstances, merging Male and Female categories into a Mixed category.

For example: kids born in 2011 (turning 8 years old in 2019) may compete with kids born in 2010 or 2009 (turning 9 or 10 years old in 2019)

Gracie Barra Compnet Pacific Northwest Mission Statement

The Gracie Barra Competition Network is at its very core is a positive and closely knit organization of athletes. Our tournaments are conducted with the highest level of integrity, camaraderie and sportsmanship, with our athletes, a staff, and officials always keeping safety in mind. We strive to be the competitive birthplace and proving grounds of champions -- keeping the legacy alive!

Rules information go to:


All the competitors must wear the full Gracie Barra official uniform and GB rash guard.

The GB Ultra Light Gi will be allowed only for kids. Adults cannot wear the GB Ultra Light Gi.

ALL women and kids are allowed to use the GB Pink gi for this competition.

All kids will have a minimum of 2 matches.

All kids will receive a participation medal.

All kids warm up together! Please arrive early.

We will be making a couple of small changes beginning with this event to help us comply with the larger Gracie Barra Compnet organization.

* One change of note to our tournament rules effects the youngest competitors in the Tiny Champs and Little Champs 1 age category (Kids born 2013-2015). No submissions will be allowed in any brackets in this age group. Little Champs 2 and older will comply with regular IBJJF rules.

* Our Open Class bracket winners will continue to receive a free gi for a first place finish. We will replace the cash prize with sponsorships by the GB Ambassador’s Program to help athletes compete at major events such as Pan Ams, Worlds, and Masters Worlds. More info about this program will be rolled out shortly.

* Because of the addition of additional GB CompNet PNW events in 2019, we will be offering 2 gi-only tournaments this year, instead of three. The 2 medals for the events will still magnetically connect to form a larger image.

* Finally, we look forward to telling you more about our new events for 2019, including 2 no gi events. We will soon publish more information regarding those events, so keep an eye on our social media platforms for more announcements.


You must complete a minimum of 2 scheduled match to receive gi prize. If only 2 athlete registers for the open class of a given bracket, that person will receive a gold medal, but forfeits the gi prize

Adult Male/Female - White Belt - Absolute - GB GI

Adult Male/Female - Blue Belt - Absolute - GB GI

Adult Male/Female - Purple Belt - Absolute - GB GI

Adult Male/Female - Brown Belt - Absolute - GB GI

Adult Male/Female - Black Belt - Absolute - GB GI

Ps: All the GB members are expected to wear the GB Red Competition T-shirt 2019. We will take a group photo 12:00pm at the event with everyone in Red 2019 T-shirt .

**Important Information**

*Registration starts 9am Thursday 26th of April 2019

*Late entry starts 11:59pm Wednesday 22nd of May 2019

*Registration closes 11:59pm Monday 18th of June 2019

*Last chance to edit 11:59pm Monday 18th of June 2019

*Last chance to cancel 11:59pm Monday 18th of June 2019

*Brackets will be released 11:59pm Wednesday 19th of June 2019


Terry Fox Secondary School »
1260 Riverwood Gate
Часовой пояс: America/Vancouver


  • Kids (Boys) 65 CAD
  • Kids (Girls) 65 CAD
  • Juvenile boys 65 CAD
    16-17 years
  • Juvenile girls 65 CAD
    16-17 years
  • Male 65 CAD
    18 years and above
  • Female 65 CAD
    18 years and above
  • Male Absolute 20 CAD
  • Female Absolute 20 CAD