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The London International Open will take place in the O2 Arena Complex hosted by SENI 2016. Your entry to this official ADCC (NoGi) event also includes an Adult AM Pass for the SENI show (valued at £25). Competing athletes will also be given the option to purchase 2 "spectator" tickets (SENI AM pass) at the discounted rate of just £15

First 50 entrants receive a FREE exclusive custom limited edition Rashguard (valued at £30) created via our partnership with Pitbull West Coast Clothing.


Male(18+) & Master(35+) – Beginner & Intermediate rules:

-60Kg, -65Kg, -70Kg, -76Kg, -83Kg, -91Kg,-100Kg ,+100Kg,

Male(18+) & Master(35+) – Professional Rules:

-65.9kg, -76.9Kg, -87.9Kg, -98.9Kg, +99Kg

Boys 15yrs-17yrs - Beginner & Intermediate: -55kg, -65Kg, -75kg, +75kg

Females (18+) – Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced: -60KG, +60KG

Girls 15yrs-17yrs - Beginner & Intermediate: -50kg, +50kg

The ADCC UK London International Open is run alongside our hosts SENI - The Combat & Strength Show and Bellator London Fan Experience. Your entry also includes an Adult AM Pass for the Saturday SENI event. 

Which division should you enter?

Beginner: Less than 2yrs training in BJJ, Judo, Wrestling, Sambo etc + No Professional MMA fights

Intermediate: 2yrs-4yrs training & no major/top level medals in Grappling, Wrestling, Sambo etc or professional MMA fights

Professional: 4yrs+ If you have not won major medals you have the option to compete at Intermediate or Professional. Once you have competed at a level, you can not move back to the lower level.

Which Age Group should you enter?

Enter the age group that you will be ON THE DAY of the tournament

Ahletes are only required to weigh once prior to competing. There is a 0.0 weight allowance at the scale.

Current schedule

09:00 - 09:45: WeighIns are

9:45 - 10:00: Rules Meeting.

10:05: First bouts begin

For more information on ADCC Rules & Regulations please visit www.ADCCUK.com


The O2 »
The O2, Peninsula Square, London SE10 0DX
Часовой пояс: Europe/London



  • Men +18 yr - PRO 55 GBP
  • Men +18 yr 55 GBP
  • Women +18 yr 55 GBP
  • Women +18 yr - PRO 55 GBP
  • Boys 7-10 yr 0 GBP
  • Girls 7-10 yr 0 GBP
  • Boys 11-14 yr 0 GBP
  • Boys 15-17 yr 55 GBP
  • Girls 11-14 yr 0 GBP
  • Girls 15-17 yr 55 GBP