Wushu SM 2020

Svenska Mästerskapen i Wushu 2020

Sweden National Wushu Championships 2020

February 29

Eriksdalshallen, Stockholm

Time:- Athletes: kl 8.30- Visitors: kl 9.30

Entrance fee: 180 kr adult, 100 kr youth (up to 16 yrs), children free (up to 7 yrs)

- Senior (18 yrs+) and Junior( 17 yrs - ) classes.

Senior A-class (18-40 yrs) and Junior B-class (16-17 yrs)

The National Championships are open for all Swedish citizens, and foreign citizens who's been living in Sweden for at least 12 months, having a residential permit.

Open Championships for all Schengen nationalities.


Senior B-class (18- 40 yrs): Open Championships for all nationalities.


All registrations is done here on this website to the right.
Payment is done by credit card or Swish: 123 321 98 39


The Sweden National Championships is organized by Stockholms Wushu & Kung fu Sports club
For all general questions: [email protected]
Organizer: Peder Finnsiö
[email protected]
+46 70 6705181

The Sweden National Championships is sanctioned by Sweden Kung fu & Wushu Federation


Eriksdalshallen »
Ringvägen 70
Часовой пояс: Europe/Stockholm


  • TAOLU 300 SEK
    Registrering för Taolu
  • SANDA 300 SEK
    Registrering för Sanda/Sanshou
  • TUISHOU (Push Hands) 300 SEK
    Registrering för Taiji Tuishou