BC Open Martial Arts Championships

We are once again pleased to welcome you to the BC Open Martial Arts Championships. Welcome back to the fantastic competitors in the Sport Martial Arts community and a hearty hello to the new competitors on the WKC Continuous Fighting and Grappling divisions.


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3665 Kingsway
Часовой пояс: America/Vancouver



  • Hard Traditional Forms 75 CAD
  • Hard Traditional Weapons 75 CAD
  • Hard Open Forms 75 CAD
  • Hard Open Weapons 75 CAD
  • Soft Traditional Forms 75 CAD
  • Soft Traditional Weapons 75 CAD
  • Soft Open Forms 75 CAD
  • Soft Open Weapons 75 CAD
  • Point Fighting 75 CAD
  • WKC Continuous Sparring 75 CAD
  • Submission BJJ 75 CAD
    Must register for a first division
  • Submission BJJ No Gi 75 CAD
    Must be registered for a first and second division
  • Coach's Pass 25 CAD
  • Parent or Spectator (purchase at door) 25 CAD