BC Open 2022

We are once again pleased to welcome you to the BC Open Martial Arts Championships. Welcome back to the fantastic competitors in the Sport Martial Arts community and a hearty hello to the new competitors on the WKC Continuous Fighting and Grappling divisions.



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3665 Kingsway
Часовой пояс: America/Vancouver

Cancel/Refund policy


  • Hard Traditional Forms 75 CAD
  • Hard Traditional Weapons 75 CAD
  • Hard Open Forms 75 CAD
  • Hard Open Weapons 75 CAD
  • Soft Traditional Forms 75 CAD
  • Soft Traditional Weapons 75 CAD
  • Soft Open Forms 75 CAD
  • Soft Open Weapons 75 CAD
  • Point Fighting 75 CAD
  • WKC Continuous Sparring 75 CAD
  • Submission BJJ 75 CAD
    Must register for a first division
  • Submission BJJ No Gi 75 CAD
    Must be registered for a first and second division
  • Coach's Pass 25 CAD
  • Parent or Spectator (purchase at door) 25 CAD