Submission Only is a 4 part tournament:

Part 1: 11/02/2023
Part 2: 13/05/2023
Part 3: 30/09/2023
Final (only on invitation): 2/12/2023

--> Collect points in part 1, 2 and 3. The athletes that end up first in their division will be invited to participate in an open weight tournament to fight for the submission only belt!!

Doors: 10AM

Start fights: 11AM

Spectators: 10 euro (only cash)

Participation: Only for 18 or older!
                        Early birds: 45 euro (until 14th of january 23:59)
                        Normal price: 50 euro (END 4th of february 23:59)

Refunds policy
We have a NO REFUNDS policy

Check out the rules and information about the divisions on our website!

Weigh in
You can weigh in from 10AM until 1h before your division starts.
The weight is checked only in fight gear.
You get a 500gr tolerance.


Sporthal KTA »
Martouginlei 74
Часовой пояс: Europe/Brussels

  • Men 50 EUR
  • Women 50 EUR