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Payment registration

Pay and get paid

Smoothcomp is easy for both the organizer, coach and fighter. Online payments makes everything smooth so you can focus more on the game and less on the boring stuff.

Bracket generation

Let us generate that bracket for you

With our unique engine for creating brackets, you can move, combine and create single, double, round robins and other common brackets. Time to say good bye to your old paper and Excel-solution.

Running schedule

Stay updated, minute by minute

Our drag & drop solution lets you schedule your tournament and distribute the categories even on your fighting areas. Smoothcomp automatically assigns each fight a matchnumber, a fighting area and a ETA for each fight. Everything is updated in real time.


The scoreboard all other scoreboards are talking about

Our real time scoreboard works seamlessly with the bracket system. Connect it to the biggest screen you can find and everybody will feel like world champions.

Features in detail


JJIF Fighting & NeWaza
Kyokushin Karate
Olympic Wrestling
Other / Round based
Standard with general scoring
UWC Grappling
Wushu Sanda
Missing your sport?
We design custom Scoreboards for all sports.

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Manage entries
Payments directly through Stripe or Paypal
Connect your Stripe- or Paypal-account directly to your smoothcomp organization to start taking charge. We don't take any percentage inbetween.
Custom payment
If you prefer bank transfer or payment in hand, we got you covered as well. All payments can easily be handled through your admin panel.
Different percentage for different occasions. Can be handed out as cash or in coupons.
Управляйте и создавайте купоны.
Late fee date
Pick a date and choose a fee for late participants.


Automatic seeding with optimal club separation
Manual seeding

Scheduling & Live reporting

Drag and drop of bracket planning
Real time estimation
Режим TV


Works seamlessly with the bracket system
The scoreboard is ready to be launched directly from your bracket page. When the game is over you just continue onto the next game and start taking scores.
Tailor made for tablets and desktops
Режим TV
Connect your computer to the biggest screen you can find and everybody will feel like world champions.

Podium & results

Best team, club, junior and adult
Public result page after the event
Режим TV


Free app for iPhone and iPad: Smoothstreamer
Free plug-n-play streaming to Youtube
Live scoreboard for broadcasting softwares like OBS and vMix


1 Credit
1 Participant

What is a credit

Регистрация 1 участника на турнир стоит 1 кредит. Вы можете пополнять свои кредиты, когда захотите, или даже включить автоматическое пополнение счета.

What is a participant

A participant is an individual competitor (person) on your event. A participant can register in multiple entries (for example their own weight and absolute class) and they still only count as one credit.

Price per credit

  • Up to 999 credits
    1 € / Кредит
  • Buy more than 1 000 credits
    0.75 € / Кредит
  • Buy more than 5 000 credits
    0.50 € / Кредит

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