Rules of the game

2 fighters and OPEN weight: single elimination

3 fighters: round robin
3 + fighters: double elimination

TEENS: 4 min

Teens can only submit with following techniques:
- Straight armbar from top or bottom position
- Triangle (without pulling the head)
- Rear naked choke

--> When there is no submission within the regulated time both athletes will start in a neutral position standing up for an extra 1 min. If there is no submission here, the referee will decide on the winner on who was more active and looking to submit. The referee has the final word.

Beginners: 6 min
Advanced: 8 min
Elite: 10 min

No Submission? 1x1min overtime for each athlete

Watch this video to know all about EBI overtime!

Choose a position: spider web or back take. From this position, you have one minute to submit your opponent.

  • One person submits: this person is the winner.
  • Both submit: fastest submission is the winner.
  • No person submits: person with the fastest escape wins.
  • No person submits and no person escapes: the referee will choose a winner based on the overtime submission efforts.

Everyone should have at least 2 fights.

All arm locks, leg locks and chokes are allowed.
Slamming from guard position to escape a submission is NOT allowed, however if you attempt a take down and your opponent falls on his back or side this is OK.
Throwing the opponent willingly on his head is not allowed.

Pulling guard is allowed, jumping guard is not allowed.

Our referee team has the final decision! If they decide the submission is well placed and you are in serious danger to injure yourself, they have the ability to stop the fight. Especially in the beginners categories, the referees will keep their eyes open for this and act to your safety!
Be smart and TAP on time. The organization is  NOT responsible for any injuries.

Top: rashguard with long or short sleeves. No competition without rashguard.
Bottom: Short or long spats or grappling/MMA short without pockets.


  • Men Adult NO GI 25 EUR
  • Men OPEN NO GI 10 EUR
  • Women Adult NO GI 25 EUR
  • Women OPEN NO GI 10 EUR
  • Teens girls (13 - 15 yo) NO GI 15 EUR
  • Teens boys (13 - 15 yo) NO GI 15 EUR

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