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All guests can book rooms themselves through the following link:

Bookings can be made with booking code BNE0180823 also by contacting the hotel directly via telephone/ email using contact below.

Hotel conctact details

Scandic Hamburger Börs

Kauppiaskatu 6

20100 TURKU

Phone +358 2 4782 1700

Email: [email protected]

Price                                       135 € single room / night

155 € twin / double room / night

Hotel conctact details

Scandic Julia

Eerikinkatu 4

20100 TURKU

Phone: +358 2 336000

Email: [email protected]

price                                       109 € single room / night

109 € twin / double room / night

129 € twin room with extra bed / night

Hotel conctact details

Scandic Plaza Turku

Yliopistonkatu 29

20100 TURKU

Phone: +358 2 33200

Email: [email protected]


109 €

single room / night

109 €

twin / double room / night

129 €

twin room with extra bed / night

Reservations can be made until 4.8.2023 or subject to hotel availability.

Method of payment

The guests settle their room bills at the hotel.

General terms & conditions

Open room allotment

The hotel allots a certain number of rooms at the price offered, which then are free for booking, subject to availability. The hotel has the right to withdraw the allotment unilaterally. An individual room booked from the allotment can be cancelled without costs until 6 pm on the date of arrival (unless otherwise agreed).

More information about room allotments at Scandic.

This confirmation cannot be transferred to a third party without a written approval of the hotel. The hotel reserves the right to review the prices annually. All prices are estimated to current event information, dates and are inclusive of value added tax.

The above prices are non-commissionable unless otherwise stated.

The order shall be valid subject to the hotel's general terms of contract without a signature once the sales office confirms the booking in writing.



  • Men Pro 0 EUR
  • Men Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced 0 EUR
  • Men Masters 0 EUR
  • Women 0 EUR
  • Boys Junior 0 EUR
  • Girls Junior 0 EUR
  • Juniors (7-10) 0 EUR

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