02 Feb 2020
Tidig registrerings period
26 Oct - 17 Nov 01:00
Ordinarie registrering
Deadline 27 Jan 01:00
Sen registrering
Tidsfrist 29 Jan 23:59


nsw sub only championship 2020


Please refer to aussubonly.com.au rules page for all rules and regulations


Kids & Teens

new updated divisions

including beginner , intermediate and advanced for kids

enter weight and we match up fairly to weight age and experience

Adult and masters weight divisions both gi and no gi

-61kg -69kg -77kg -85kg -95kg 95+kg


-55kg -65kg -75kg 75+kg

Gi divisions

white , blue , purple , brown/black

Nogi divisions

Novice – 0-2 Years (no coloured rank in jiu jitsu, judo or sambo. No prior wrestling competition experience)

Advanced – 2-4 Years (no purple, brown, black belts in jiu jitsu, judo and sambo)

Specialist – Over 4 Years (open to all experience and styles)

please refer to our rules page for techniques aussubonly.com.au


DOUBLE ELIMINATION for all adult weight divisions

(double elimination?? lose your 1st 2nd or even 3rd match? you get a second chance in the repecharge bracket to fight for 3rd place)

Kids and Teens will still be ROUND ROBIN / BEST OF 3 

(giving competitors the chance at multiple matches )

All open weights is SINGLE ELIMINATION


Doors open at 7:45 am and the tournament starts promptly at 9:00 am.

Competitors are required to be present 60 minutes before their match start time.

Brackets and the event schedule will be posted on the Thursday prior to the event.

You can access these by visiting the “Brackets & Schedule” tab.

A REAL-TIME schedule by bracket and REAL-TIME schedule by match order will be featured on large TV monitors at the event allowing you access to the most up-to-date information available. You can also keep up to date on your mobile device on the smoothcomp account

During the event, you will be able to access this information from your mobile device.

Competitors must be in Fighter Bullpen 15 minutes prior to your match time.

Please be ON TIME to your designated mat to keep the tournament running on time.


Weigh in takes place as soon as you come through reception doors

You must weigh in 60 minutes prior to your division. If you are late for weigh-ins, you WILL be disqualified and NO voucher or refund will be given. So, please consider drive time, traffic and time to find parking as these will NOT be valid reasons for missing weigh-ins.

You do not have to weigh in with your Gi on.

You only have to weigh in once, even if participating in multiple divisions.


For competitors 16 years of age and older: you WILL be disqualified and NO refund or voucher will be given.


$75 early     $85 normal    $95 late

combine divisions to receive a discount

registration check day & last chance to cancel 30TH JAN

This gives competitors the chance to move divisions if they are in a single division by themselves. It also gives competitors a chance to move divisions if their weight changes or cancel and get a refund if they cannot make the event. The last day to do any of this is the 30TH JANUARY  


[email protected]


Stanhope leisure centre Blacktown »
Tidszon: Australia/Sydney


  • Men Gi 85 AUD
  • Men Open Gi 85 AUD
  • Men Nogi 85 AUD
  • Men Open Nogi 85 AUD
  • Woman Gi 85 AUD
  • Woman Open Gi 85 AUD
  • Woman Nogi 85 AUD
  • Woman Open Nogi 85 AUD
  • Kids and Teens Gi 75 AUD
  • Kids and Teens Nogi 75 AUD