For both gi and no-gi matches, IBJJF scoring ( will be implemented with the following derivations:

New additions: 4 points will be awarded for a body triangle from the back. 

 Weight Regulations

  1. You must make the required weight for your division or you will be bumped to the one above. There is a 1lbs allowance and you do not need to weigh in with the GI. 
  2. You are only required to weigh in once regardless of how many divisions you do. You must make weight at the lowest weight you registered for. 
  3. If there aren’t’ enough competitors in a division we will combine in order to get the most competitive bracket possible. 

 Fight Regulations

  1. ALL matches are 6-minutes for adults and 4 minutes for Kids and Teens. There will be a 2 minute OT for Adults and 2 minute OT for Kids. 
  2. First fighter to either score 11 points or earn a submission wins
  3. Advantages are NOT used for scoring points
  5. To prevent stalling, a yellow card will be issued to either or both competitors.
  6. If a second yellow card is issued, fighters are required to standup and restart.
  7. A third stalling violation results in a red card, disqualifying competitor or competitors. 


In the event that there is not a winner after regulation time, overtime rules take effect:

  1. Overtime is a sudden death format. The first competitor to score points or submit their opponent wins
  2. Overtime is decided by whomever is up on points at the end of regulation. Whoever is ahead will choose top/bottom FULL GUARD or start on the feet
  3. If no points scored, the referee will decide who was the aggressor and award them the opportunity to pick or defer to the other competitor. 
  4. If no Submission or Points scored in OT...referees will render a decision based on who was the aggressor or who they feel won the match. 
  5. For no-gi, heel-hooks/reaping are permitted for fighters that are competing in the Advanced division. Intermediate divisions Knee bars and Toe holds are legal but no reaping/heel hooks allowed. Beginner division only straight ankle locks allowed. 
  6.  NoGI absolute- All subs are legal. GI Absolute all subs legal except reaping and heel hooks. 

Kids and Teens 

​The below submissions are legal under our modified ruleset for our Kids and Teens:

  1. Straight arm lock
  2. Chokes with Kimono
  3. Kimura/Americana
  4. Rear naked choke
  5. Arm Triangle
  6. Guillotine choke
  7. Ezequiel Choke
  8. Omoplata
  9. Triangle (pulling head is allowed)


  1. Slamming and/or jumping pulled guards are NOT allowed for KIDS and TEENS. 

If you have any questions please email [email protected]


  • Male Gi 80 USD
    18 years and above
  • Female Gi 80 USD
    18 years and above
  • Male Absolute Qualifier GI 50 USD
    Blue-Brown 16 years and above
  • Female Absolute Qualifier GI 50 USD
    Blue-Brown 18 years and above
  • Male NoGi 80 USD
    18 years and above
  • Female NoGi 80 USD
    18 years and above
  • Male Absolute Qualifier NoGI 50 USD
    Blue Belt and up 16 years and above
  • Female Absolute Qualifier NoGI 50 USD
    Any Belt 16 years and above
  • Kids NoGi copy 80 USD
  • Kids Gi 80 USD
  • special match 80 USD