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29 Mar - 21 Jun 11:59 pm
Початок турніру 25 Jun

Summer In House Tournament

We're excited to host another BTT In-house Round Robin Tournament! See Event page for details!

Our #1 goal with this event is to introduce our local youth to the IBJJF tournament ruleset. IBJJF is one of the most prestigious tournament promotions in the world and considered the standard for world championship events. 

This will be a modified Round Robin style tournament. Ruleset will follow all IBJJF standards, Scoring 4 points for mount/back control, 3 points for guard pass, 2 points for takedown/sweep/knee on belly.  It will be the competitor's responsibility to study IBJJF allowed and disallowed submissions and be prepared on the day of the tournament.

You may access and download the IBJJF rulebook here. https://ibjjf.com/books-videos

Brackets will be posted the friday prior the event, and adjusted according to skill, weight age and gender, typically after the age of 12. 

Weigh-in for this event will occur when your bracket is called. All competitors will weigh in while wearing their Gi. Please be sure to check your weight (wearing Gi) and make any adjustments to your registration before the registration check deadine.

SCHEDULE Be at the gym by 8:30am. We will start at 9:00am sharp. 



  • Boys - Ages 4-17 55 USD
  • Girls - Ages 4-17 55 USD

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