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Welcome to Trondheim and Fenris Submission Only! A low threshold grappling tournament, with an EBI (submission only) ruleset. All grapplers are welcome!

Fenris Submission Only will be arranged Saturday the 30h of March at the amazing      MMA Trondheim Dojo.

The goal of Fenris Sub Only is to be a low threshold/safe/open for all - grappling tournament, with a modified EBI ruleset. Well organized and with minimum of wait-time for the athletes. 

EBI is a great ruleset wich eliminates the whole point scoring system and focuses on submissions. If no winner is crowned within the time limit, there will be immediate overtime, with overtime rules as presented in this video: https://www.ebiofficial.com/rules.

Classes will be divided in by "years of grappling experience" (-1 year, 1-2 years and 2-5 years and +5 years) and of course by weight. GI classes will be divided in the same matter.

*Know previous winners of their class last Fenris, or in other grappling competions, will be bumped up to the next class. «Last years winner of +2 year class will compeet in the +5year class, even if he/she only have 3 year experience etc.»*


The winner of the NoGi +2 years Open class wil recive 200kr for every fight he/she wins!!!

The winner of the NoGi -2 years Open class will recive 100kr for every fight he/she wins!!!

Welcome to Fenris Submission Only 3!





  3.1 REFUND

  3.2 spectator ENTRANCE FEE





  7.1 Expert (+5 years) and Advanced (2-5 years)

    7.1.1 Legal Techniques

    7.1.2 Illegal Techniques

  7.2 INTERMEDIATE (-2 years)

    7.2.1 additional Illegal Techniques for INTERMEDIATE

  7.3 BEGINNERS (-1 year)

    7.3.1 additional Illegal Techniques for BEGINNERS


1.0 Schedule:

Saturday the 30th of March 2018

Weigh-in will be available from 11.30

The GI rules-meeting starts at 12:00am and the Gi competition starts shortly thereafter. We will let fighters and coaches in through the entrance from 11:00 am.

The NoGi rules-meeting is scheduled for 15.00 o'clock. The NoGi competition will start shortly thereafter.

The start order for both the Gi class and the NoGi class will be Beginners first, then Intermediate and the Advanced and Expert classes last. This is to make planing for the athletes easier.

The Smootcomp competition webpage will have the live running-schedule up to date and with estimated time until each athlete will enter the mat.

The timetable is subject for changes. Information will be given.

2.0 ARENA:

The MMA Trondheim Dojo.

Båtmannsgata 4, 7042 Trondheim. Map: https://goo.gl/maps/hBEfopEBcvj


*Early bird special! Register and pay before the 15. Feb, for an total of 25% discount!*


NoGi only: 100 NOK

Gi only: 100 NOK

Late fee: (registrations after 28.03.19): 150 NOK

Payment is done with credit-card when you register to the tournament.

Same day/"at the door" registration/payment is also possible. Just show up on time. Late fee will apply.

Female athletes: You may register for the Male Gi and NoGi classes, free of charge, after you have registered for the female classes.


Smoothcomp will refund 100% of your fee if you cancel before saturday the 23de of March at 23:59, and 50% of your fee if you cancel before Thursday the 27th of March at 23:59.

3.2 spectator ENTRANCE FEE:

Coaches, family, friends and other spectators are able to enter free of charge.


On day weight-cutting is NOT recommended. *Athletes could get bumped up to an higher weight class*. The classes is subject to change through; splitting, adding and/or combining of any class. This right is claimed by the organizers to ensure multiple fights and for best possible matching in the brackets.

There will be allowed a maximum of +3kg weight gain after registration/weigh-in. Referees can at any time ask for a weighing of any athletes. There will be an immediately disqualification if there is found a +3kg weight gain.

The athletes will only need to weigh-in once, even if the athlete is fighting in the Gi and NoGi division.

Amount of clothing at the weigh-ins is optional, but a minimum of some sort of covering undergarments.


NoGi: Rashguard/t-shirt and shorts/thights.

GI: Athletes Gis could at any time get checked for compliance with the "normal" Gi requirements; length, condition etc. There are no color restrictions for the Gis.


1. Eivind Kjønsvik

2. Magnus Herregården

3. Thomas Formo

4. Gard Sagen

5. Andreas Wallum

6. Siri Hemmingby Almaas



This is a Submission Only tournament, with modified EBI rules. Meaning: If there is no Submission within the time limit (5 min), there will be a maximum of 2 overtime rounds (starting directly from the spiderweb/armbar position or the backmount). These overtime rules are explained in this video: https://www.ebiofficial.com/rules

The rules for the Expert (+5 years) and Advanced (2-5 years) divisions will be the base for the beginner (-1 years) and intermediate (1-2 years) as well. The limitations will be described below, under «illegal techniques» for the both the beginner and intermediate.

7.1 Rules for the Expert (+5 years) and Advanced division (2-5 years):

7.1.1 Legal Techniques:

• Any kind of choke (except for using the fingers to close the windpipe).

• Any arm bar, shoulder lock, or wristlock

• Any leg lock or ankle lock

• Any body compression/pressure

• Slamming can be used only in order to prevent a submission. Otherwise it is considered as illegal.

7.1.2 Illegal Techniques:

• Lifting your opponent up from a grounded position and then slamming them. If someone is picked up, above hip-height, there will be a stop and immediate reset to standing position

• “Full Nelson” and “Crucifix”

• No striking of any kind

• No eye gouging or fish hooking

• No grabbing the ears

• No hair pulling

• No finger or toe manipulation

• No thumbing

• No scratching and pinching

• No kicking

• No biting

• No intentional touching groin area

• No hands, knees or elbows on face

• No slippery substances allowed on body, hair or clothing

• No holding the opponents shorts or other clothing allowed (applies only in the NoGi division ofc)

7.2 INTERMEDIATE (1-2 years):

Same rules as described above in the Advanced (+2yrs) with the following limitations:

7.2.1 Illegal Techniques for INTERMEDIATE (-2 years):

• No heel-hooks

• No scissor takedowns

• No slamming

• No neck cranks

• No any crossface holds or crossface chokes

• No holding of fingers or toes (less than 4 fingers or less than 5 toes)

7.3 BEGINNERS (-1 year):

Same rules as described above in the Advanced (+2yrs) with the following limitations

7.3.1 Illegal Techniques for BEGINNERS (-1 year):

• No foot locks that twist the knee

• No heel-hooks

• No toeholds

• No scissor takedowns

• No slamming

• No neck cranks

• No bicep-slicers

• No opposite RNC applying pressure on the neck

• No any crossface holds or crossface chokes

• No spine twisters

• No holding of fingers or toes (less than 4 fingers or less than 5 toes)

Disclaimer: "Some small adjustments of the rules could happen, and will be clarified on the rules meetings".


MMA Trondheim »
Båtsmannsgata 4
時區: Europe/Stockholm

參賽者 / 條目

  • Male NoGI 100 NOK
    16 years and above
  • Male Gi 100 NOK
    16 years and above
  • Female NoGi 100 NOK
    16 years and above
  • Female Gi 100 NOK
    16 years and above
  • Absolute NoGi 0 NOK
    Open weight-class
  • Absolute Gi 0 NOK
    Open weight-class Gi