07 Nov 2021
Early bird registrations
26 Jul - 05 Sep 00:00
Deadline 03 Oct 23:59
Deadline 01 Nov 00:00

Registration Categories

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The following age categories will be used: -

  • Juvenile: 16 & 17 Years old at the time of the event
  • Adult: 18 and older at the time of the event
  • Masters: 30 and older at the time of the event
  • Seniors: 40 and older at the time of the event

Competitors must provide photo ID to prove identity and their date of birth during weigh-in. Anyone who fails to do so or who has entered a category which they are not eligible for will be automatically DQ'd with no prospect of refund.


All gi & no gi weight categories as per IBJJF rules , these can be found here


The following belt categories will be used for gi.

  • White Belt . 
  • Blue Belt. 
  • Purple Belt. 
  • Brown/ Black Belt

For gi competitors must fight in the belt awarded to them by their instructor (mixed brown/black belt excluded) with the following exception:

Judo Black Belts, Pro MMA fighters and National Level wrestlers must compete in the blue belt division wearing a white belt. 

Anyone who does not qualify for this exception and is found to be fighting in a higher belt category in the gi will be disqualified.


Scotstoun Stadium »
131 Danes Dr
時區: Europe/London

參賽者 / 條目

  • Male - Gi 50 GBP
    16 years and above
  • Female - Gi 50 GBP
    16 years and above
  • Juvenile boys - Gi 30 GBP
    16-17 years
  • Juvenile girls - Gi 30 GBP
    16-17 years
  • Male Absolute Gi 10 GBP
  • Female Absolute Gi 10 GBP