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活動/ 賽事開始於 22 Oct

Ruleset / Submissions

Mana Championship is committed to giving fighters a safe environment to compete in.

***GI RULES***

The GI competition will use the IBJJF ruleset. We have contracted certified IBJJF referees for this event and will provide an awesome opportunity for anyone traveling to compete in the IBJJF Pan Pacific competition the following weekend.


The NO GI competition will use the Mana Championship submission-only ruleset.
In the case of a draw, the match will be decided by a golden point. 
*No Gi Golden point rules*

If, during a submission-only matchup, competitors have failed to secure a submission win the match will immediately enter a golden point period. 
The golden point period will be 2 minutes long.
Fighters will begin the golden point period standing and separated. The fighter who secures the first scoreable position or technique wins the match. 
Any position or technique that would score points OR advantage in a traditional point competition - IBJJF, SJJF, Grappling Industries, etc. - is considered scoreable.

Examples of ways to win in Golden Point period: Takedown, Sweep, Back take, or Submission attempts where the opponent has been put at a real risk of submission. 

Please note!

Advanced techniques such as heel hooks, twisters, neck cranks, scissor takedowns, are only allowed in the Advanced Division. 

Go to https://www.manafc.com/general-8 for a full list of allowable techniques

參賽者 / 條目

  • Men - No Gi 50 NZD
  • Men - Absolute Submission King 0 NZD
    Hyperfly No Gi 12 Month Contract
  • Men - Gi 50 NZD
  • Women - No Gi 50 NZD
  • Women - Absolute Submission Queen 0 NZD
    Hyperfly No Gi 12 Month Contract
  • Women - Gi 50 NZD
  • Kids - No Gi 50 NZD
    Boys & Girls
  • Kids - Gi 50 NZD
    Boys & Girls
  • Youth - Boys - No Gi 50 NZD
  • Youth - Boys - Gi 50 NZD
  • Youth - Girls - No Gi 50 NZD
  • Youth - Girls - Gi 50 NZD

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