Brussels, Belgium
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Rue des Bassins 38, 1070 Anderlecht, Brussels, Belgium

Verantwortliche Person
Arlan De Almeida

Über Malicia Team Origens
na minha academia todos sao bem vindos We are an open academy to all those willing to find the best on themselves. We try to give you the means of developping and finding the best your body mechanichs can do for you. Come and learn with us, the human chess, learn how to do more with less. With us you will come to the basics while placing on top, as an artist, and as a human being. We offer you more than a training place! We offer a place you could call a family. We develop together, we grow together, we learn from our multi culturel differences, we progres together. Contact us for more info, come to us, train with us. Learn more by letting your body following your mind set. You want to compete so do we. You want to follow for the benefits of it, come. you wanna a hobby we want you too. Come and grow with us!

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Gabriel Valdrin L Fikaj Manager