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02 Mar - 01 Apr 11:59 pm
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01 Apr - 08 Apr 8:00 am
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2023 Denver Judo Spring Tournament


Other options for non-USA Judo members are 1) to purchase a "trial" USA Judo membership for $25 which is good for 30 days, or 2) to join USA Judo at a prorated amount.  Please see the information at the bottom of this page for complete information.

April 8, 2023

Held under the sanction of Colorado Judo League and USA Judo #00311
Tournament Director: Heidi Moore

Open Competition. Competitors from all states are welcome!


Gateway High School
1300 S Sable Blvd
Aurora, CO 80012


Online registration only Prior to April 8, 2023.  Walk up registration accepted on April 8, 2023 at the tournament site. 

WEIGH IN NOTE: Coaches may weigh their players the Thursday prior to competition, April 6, 2023.  Weights must be submitted to [email protected] no later than noon on Friday, April 7, 2023.  All players may be subject to weight verification at the tournament site on Saturday, April 8, 2023.  The published weight divisions will be modified and/or combined based on the age and weight ranges of the contestants entered

Shiai Prices

registration prior to April 1, 2023
$40.00 for the first division 
$15.00 for additional divisions

registration after April 1, 2023
$50.00 for the first division
$20.00 for additional divisions

Kata Prices (per team member - each team member must register separately at

registration prior to April 1, 2023
$20.00 for the first kata
$7.50 for additional katas

registration after April 1.  2023
$25.00 for the first kata
$10.00 for additional katas

Walk Up Registration and Weigh In (at the competition venue): 

Saturday, April 8, 2023 – Kata and Junior Athletes – 7:30am to 8:00am
Senior and Veteran Athletes - 11:00am to 12:00pm


Kata: 8:30am
Junior Categories: At the completion of kata competition, no earlier than 9:30am
Senior and Veterans Categories: At the completion of junior competition, no earlier than 1:00pm.
Senior Open Category: At the completion of senior and veterans competition.


    Open competition. Contestants from all states are welcome. All contestants must be currently registered and insured with one of the following national organizations: USA Judo (NGB, USJI). Proof of membership and insurance will be verified at check in. 

To purchase a membership in USA Judo, please go to:

Shiai Categories

Junior Novice:  Ages 5-16 years, below orange belt (white and yellow belts only)

Junior Advanced: Ages 5-16 years, all belt levels

Senior Novice: Ages 17 and older, under brown  belt

Senior Advanced: Ages 17 and older, all belt levels

Veterans Novice: Ages 30 and older, under brown belt

Veterans Advanced: Ages 30 and older, all belt levels

Senior Open: Ages 17 and older, all belt levels

Competitors, who are 15-16 years old and sankyu or higher, may enter the senior divisions.

A competitor who voluntarily enters an age or weight division that is higher than his or her normal division must abide by the rules of that division. Example: a competitor whose age would normally not allow the use of chokes (or armlocks), is subject to choking (or armlock) techniques if he or she voluntarily enters a division where chokes (or armlocks) are allowed.

Competitors may enter multiple divisions.

Kata Categories

The following kata categories will be offered:Nage No Kata, Katame No Kata, Ju No Kata, Kime No Kata.

All teams will be allowed to present their kata.

Weight Divisions

We will endeavor to use the weights listed below as much as possible.
Junior boys and girls 8 years and below may be combined in CO-ED divisions.
All age/weight categories may be modified depending on the weight range of the contestants entered and after considering fairness and safety of the competitors. Coaches, competitors, and/or parents will be advised if any published weight category is changed. 

Juniors Boys
6 & Under -42lbs, -51lbs, -62lbs +62lbs
7 & 8 years -55lbs, -68lbs, -77lbs, +77lbs
9 & 10 years -66lbs, -75lbs, -84lbs, -95lbs, +95lbs
11 &12 years -75lbs, -90lbs, -105lbs, -120lbs, +120lbs
13 & 14 years -94lbs, -110lbs, -128lbs, -150lbs, -176lbs, +176lbs
15 & 16 years -121lbs, -132lbs, -145lbs, -161lbs, -178lbs, -198lbs, +198lbs

Senior Men 
Ages 17 and up
-121lbs, -132lbs, -145lbs, -161lbs, -178lbs, -198lbs, -220lbs, +220lbs, Open

Veterans Men
Ages 30 and up 
-121lbs, -132lbs, -145lbs, -161lbs, -178lbs, -198lbs, -220lbs, +220lbs

Juniors Girls
6 & Under -42lbs, -51lbs, -62lbs +62lbs
7 & 8 years -55lbs, -68lbs, -77lbs, +77lbs
9 & 10 years -66lbs, -75lbs, -84lbs, -95lbs, +95lbs
11 & 12 years -75lbs, -84lbs, -97lbs, -108lbs, +108lbs
13 & 14 years -99lbs, -110lbs, -121lbs, -132lbs, -148lbs, +148lbs
15 & 16 years - 99lbs, -106lbs, -114lbs, -125lbs, -139lbs, -154lbs, +154lbs

Senior Women
Ages 17 and up
-106lbs, -114lbs, -125lbs, -139lbs, -154lbs, -172lbs, +172lbs, Open

Veterans Women
Ages 30 and Up
-106lbs, -114lbs, -125lbs, -139lbs, -154lbs, -172lbs, +172lbs


Medals for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners in all divisions.

$200 cash prize for the winner of contested open divisions.

Team Trophies for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd  place teams. 

RULES AND METHODS OF ELIMINATION. IJF 2020-2023 rules will be in effect. Rules will be modified for local competition as described below. Medical evaluation during the contest does not result in disqualification of the competitor.

Match Times:
Juniors 14 years and younger - 3 minutes with 2 minute golden score period if needed
Juniors 15-16 years - 4 minutes with unlimited golden score period if needed
Seniors - 4 minutes with unlimited golden score period if needed
Veterans - 3 minutes with 2 minute golden score period if needed

Chokes and Armlocks:
Juniors 12 and younger - Chokes and armlocks NOT allowed
Juniors 13-14 years - Chokes allowed, armlocks NOT allowed
Juniors 15-16 years novice - Chokes allowed, armlocks NOTallowed
Senior and Veteran Novice - Chokes allowed, armlocks NOT allowed
Senior and Veteran Advanced and Open - Chokes and armlocks allowed

Elimination System
More than 5 competitors: Modified double elimination
3-5 or fewer competitors: Round Robin elimination
 2 competitors: Best of three


  • All competitors MUST have a white judogi.
  • The use of blue judogi is optional but encouraged especially for the open divisions. Competitors called to the “white” side MUST wear white, and will not be allowed to compete in a blue judogi.
  • Female competitors must wear a crewneck white t-shirt with no markings or embellishments under the judogi.
  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gis are allowed ONLY if they conform to IJF judogi standards regarding fit and material. 

MAAPP Policy: The Center for SafeSport has developed the Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policies (MAAPP) which USA Judo has adapted to our own sport.  The MAAPP is a collection of proactive and training policies comprising two parts: Education and Training Policy that requires training for certain Adult Participants and the Required Prevention Policies, focused on limiting one-on-one interactions between Adult Participants and Minor Athletes to prevent abuse.  The full MAAPP policy and the reporting mechanism for SafeSport infractions can be found at                

Please direct any questions to Heidi Moore at [email protected] or (303) 591-9563

Any situation not covered by the above will be decided by the Tournament Director after considering the safety of, and fairness to, all contestants.


USA Judo’s “Your Choice” Participation/Membership Plan In support of its sanctioned events and event organizers, USA Judo has created several options for American Judokas to participate in USA Judo sanctioned events. With the recent expiration of the American Judo Alliance Agreement, USJA and USJF members were not permitted to compete at USA Judo Sanctioned Events. USA Judo is now offering the following participation/membership options for individuals wanting to compete in the 31 existing 2023 USA Judo sanctioned events and any additional new USA Judo sanctioned events occurring from March 21, 2023 until December 31, 2023. 

1) No Insurance Participation Waiver – current JA/JF-only members will be allowed to participate in any 2023 USA Judo sanctioned event, not including events being managed by the USA Judo national office (Senior Nationals, Jr. Olympics, UFC Fight Week Tournament, President’s Cup). Anyone competing at a USA Judo Point event who wants to earn points and be placed on the USA Judo Roster must be an annual USA Judo member. Each JA/JF-only member must complete and sign an individual participation waiver for each individual event, acknowledging that they will not receive any USA Judo insurance benefits, including but not limited to secondary participant accident insurance and general liability coverages. This waiver will be sent by the USA Judo office to all remaining and future 2023 sanctioned events to either upload into their Smoothcomp event platform (if using Smoothcomp), or print hard copies to be completed by all participants and submitted to the USA Judo National Office immediately following the conclusion of the event. 

2) Pro-rated membership for JA/JF-only members or USA Judo Members who have not had an active USA Judo Membership within the last five years. This pro-rated membership is only valid from the date of purchase thru December 31, 2023.

 March 15-April $75 July $50 October $25 May $67 August $42 November $17 June $58 September $33 December $8 

3) Trial membership * - $25 *Trial Memberships are good one time for 30 days from date of application for new, first-time USA Judo members only. The trial membership fee will be applied to an annual membership fee if applicant elects to join USA Judo as a full member at the end of the 30-day trial.

USA Judo roster points are only awarded to those with annual USA Judo memberships.

Trial Memberships are only available by paper or PDF form which can be obtained by contacting Austin Leath at [email protected]

4) First time youth membership** (16 & under) - $60 

5) Annual USA Judo membership** - $100

** Both annual and first-time youth memberships are valid for one (1) year from date of application.

Please call or e-mail questions to 719-866-4730 or [email protected]



  • Senior Men 40 USD
  • Senior Men Open 40 USD
  • Senior Women 40 USD
  • Senior Women Open 40 USD
  • Veterans Men 40 USD
    Men 30 and older
  • Veterans Women 40 USD
    Women 30 and older
  • Junior Boys 40 USD
  • Junior Girls 40 USD
  • Kata 20 USD
    Price shown is for each player

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