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15 Mar - 27 Jun 23:59
Event starts 01 Jul

EGJJF Kids ONLYTournament 2023

Kids tournament for the members of the EGJJF

Welcome to the EGJJF Kids Only tournament, this tournament is only for EGJJF Members

European Grappling & Jiu-Jitsu federation is organising her first Kids Only tournament. The focus of this tournament lies on getting more experience for the kids by applying a double-elimination format. The rules favour the fighter who is eager to submit, a format which proved to be successful in the prestigious Rickson Gracie Cup and EGJJF European Cup.

The tourmnament is focussed on a friendly environment where kids feel comfortable, have fun and learn. We kindly ask the coaches to let the kids fight and not create a loud and stressfull environment. Coaches who yell at their students will be removed form the coaching area!

Any non-EGJJF registrations will be removed, only EGJJF schools who follow the EGJJF Junior Jiu-Jitsu program can attend! These include the following schools:

Amsterdam BJJ, Combat & Fitness Academy Alkmaar, Nakama Gym, Team Babytank (all schools), MATS Breda, BJJ Team Luctor, Fierce & Fit and Harder Jiu-Jitsu.

When there are not enough registrations in a certain weight/age/belt devision, devisions will be merged together.

Location opens at 09:00

Fights start at 10:00.

Make sure you arrive at least on hour before your bracket starts!

The EGJJF applies the official BJJ rules from the IBJJF.

You can download the rule book here:IBJJF RuleBook v5.2


  • Kids 6-7 Years 20 EUR
  • Kids 8-9 Years 20 EUR
  • Kids 10-12 Years 20 EUR
  • Boys 13-15 Years 20 EUR
  • Boys 16 Year 20 EUR
  • Girls 13-15 Years 20 EUR
  • Girls 16 Years 20 EUR

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