Early bird registrations
20 Mar - 14 Apr 23:59
Normal registration
14 Apr - 13 May 03:00
Late registrations
13 May - 13 May 07:00
Event dates 13 May - 14 May


The Semi Kempo Challenge Cup is a Semi Kempo tournament, recognized by the Portuguese Federation of Lohan Tao Kempo, which aims to integrate new levels of competitiveness in the Semi Kempo aspect.

The SKCC was accomplished  for the first time in April 2022, a date that the organization intends to keep throughout the years, in the city of Leiria.  It was received by the Kempocas with great enthusiasm and was recognized as one of the best events in the Federation. 

This event is organized by a volunteer group of FPLK athletes and coaches who intend to improve the practice of Semi Kempo in Portugal and at the same time make it more playful and interactive.

The second edition of this event is already scheduled for May 2023! 

The tournament will have in effect four styles of Semi Kempo, that of WEIGHT CATEGORIES, OPEN WEIGHT, TAG TEAM, TEAMS and a style of traditional, which will be CREATIVE SHAPES.


  • SK Categories (Categorias) 10 EUR
    Competição por categorias de peso e idade
  • Seminars Kids 15 EUR
    Until 13 years
  • Seminars 20 EUR

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