Early bird registrations
01 Mar - 20 Apr 11:00
Normal registration
20 Apr - 01 May 04:59
Late registrations
01 May - 25 May 04:59
Event starts 26 May

Yorkshire Sub Series 3

We are pleased to announce our third edition of our sub only event, The Yorkshire Sub Only Series.

- Doors open 8am (approx)

- Weigh in's 8am

- Spectators 8:30am (approx)

- Bouts start 9:30am (approx)


By registering for our sub-only event, you are automatically accepting the terms & conditions of the entry below:-

- No entries will be allowed on the day of the event

- All entrance fee's are non-refundable (credits for future events will be given)

- All registration changes must be submitted on Smoothcomp by Wednesday the 19th of October


- £25 entry fee for all competitors (EARLY BIRD)

- £30 entry fee after early bird ends

- £10 entry for absolute division

- £15 entry for absolute division after early bird ends

- £5 spectators fee (FREE ENTRY for kids under 12)

- Each participant may be required to complete an additional waiver/disclaimer on the day of the competition

- Divisions are subject to merge at any time without the need for prior notification to competitors

- A minimum of 3 competitors per division is needed to guarantee each participant a minimum of 2 matches


If you have any queries regarding the event, please contact Yorkshire Sub Only Grappling Events by email on [email protected]


Sweatbox Fitness Studio Ltd 

Account Number: 10218009

Sort Code: 60-20-12

Reference: YSO3



  • Boys 0 GBP
  • Girls 0 GBP
  • Men 30 GBP
  • Women 30 GBP
  • Men Open Weight 10 GBP
  • Female Open Weight 10 GBP

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