Normal registration
17 Feb - 29 Apr 23:55
Late registrations
Deadline 08 May 23:00


nsw sub only championship 2019

kids & Teens

new updated divisions

including beginner , intermediate and advanced for kids

Adult and masters weight divisions both gi and no gi

-61kg -69kg -77kg -85kg -95kg 95+kg


-55kg -65kg -75kg 75+kg

Gi divisions

white , blue , purple , brown/black

Nogi divisions

Novice – 0-2 Years (no coloured rank in jiu jitsu, judo or sambo. No prior wrestling competition experience)

Advanced – 2-4 Years (no purple, brown, black belts in jiu jitsu, judo and sambo)

Specialist – Over 4 Years (open to all experience and styles)

please refer to our rules page for techniques

new formats

DOUBLE ELIMINATION for all adult weight divisions

(double elimination?? lose your 1st 2nd or even 3rd match? you get a second chance in the repecharge bracket to fight for 3rd place)

Kids and Teens will still be ROUND ROBIN / BEST OF 3 

(giving competitors the chance at multiple matches )

All open weights is SINGLE ELIMINATION



open weight no gi divisions

                      novice     advanced     specialist

male               $100       $150         $500

female            $100        $150        $500

master            $100        $150        $300

2X spots in the Bali retreat up for grabs valued at $1000 (flights not included)

spots go to the winners of the 2 largest open nogi divisions

1 each for male and female


one division 
$85 early 
$95 late
two divisions 
$99 late
three divisions 
$110 early 
$120 late
four divisions
$125 early
$135 late
kids and teens
$ 75 early
$85 late
$ 75 early
$ 85 late

Weigh in's
weigh in at our new weigh in station
must have ID present when weighing in

registration check day & last chance to cancel 9th May

This gives competitors the chance to move divisions if they are in a single division by themselves. It also gives competitors a chance to move divisions if their weight changes or cancel and get a refund if they cannot make the event. The last day to do any of this is the 9th May 


[email protected]


stanhope leisure centre blacktown »
Blacktown Leisure Centre Stanhope Parkway &
Timezone: Australia/Sydney


  • Men Gi 85 AUD
  • Men Open Gi 85 AUD
  • Men Nogi 85 AUD
  • Men Open Nogi 85 AUD
  • Woman Gi 85 AUD
  • Woman Open Gi 85 AUD
  • Woman Nogi 85 AUD
  • Woman Open Nogi 85 AUD
  • Kids and Teens Gi 75 AUD
  • Kids and Teens Nogi 75 AUD