Early bird registrations
15 Mar - 10 Apr 00:00
Normal registration
10 Apr - 07 May 23:59
Late registrations
07 May - 09 May 20:00
Event starts 11 May

AFN Submission Only #1

Welcome to Allstars Training Centers HUGE facility for another great submission wrestling event, brought to you by AFN grappling!

General information

The tournament will be held in Allstars Training Centers facility which is one of the largest MMA gyms in Europe. We have 7 full size mat areas as well as one full size MMA cage. The amount of mats used for this competition will depend on the amount of registrations.


  • 09:00 weigh ins opens
  • 10:00 weigh ins closes
  • 10:30 rules briefing
  • 11:00 matches start

If you miss the weigh ins you will be disqualified! If you fail to weigh in at the correct weight in time you will be moved to the weight class above.


Submission Only - EBI overtime. Elimination bracket.

Link to the rules: tinyurl.com/Allstarsgrappling


  • Earlybird: 248 SEK
  • Normal registration: 298 SEK
  • Late registration: 428 SEK


  • 100% refund if we fail to offer you a match.

Experience Classes

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced

You are NOT allowed to compete in the beginner class if you have:

  • Had active training in grappling more than 1,5 years (wrestling, judo etc included).
  • Blue belt or higher in BJJ.
  • Competed in amateur MMA (A-class).
  • Won a major BJJ tournament as white belt.

You are NOT allowed to compete in the Intermediate class if you have:

  • Had active training in grappling more than 3 years.
  • Purple belt or higher in BJJ.
  • Had a victory in professional MMA.

Advanced class

  • Anyone with more experience than required for intermediate shall compete in the advance classed.
  • There is no maximum experience allowed to compete in the advanced class

If we find out that an athlete have evidently more experience than what is allowed for the class, we have the right to disqualify him/her.

Age classes

  • Adults (18+ years) (15+ years with guardians signature)

Juveniles (15-17) shall fill in following form and bring to the event:


Weight Classes

  • Women: -55 kg, -60 kg, -65 kg, -70 kg and +70 kg
  • Men: -65 kg, -72 kg, -79 kg, - 86 kg, - 93 kg, -100 kg +100 kg

Merging of age and experience classes

If there are not enough grapplers in a class, classes will be merged. A class with insufficient grapplers will be moved to the next weigh class above in the same experience category. There must at least be two grapplers in one bracket.

Fighting time

  • Beginner: 5 minutes
  • Intermediate: 5 minutes
  • Advanced: 7 minutes

Tournament system

Single elimination.


Gold, Silver and Bronze medals in all categories.


Matches will be streamed for free on AFN YOUTUBE


Competitors compete in rashguard, shorts and/or tights (without pockets and zippers).

Optional gear: wrestling shoes, groin protection, mouth guard. Gear containing metal are prohibited.


Two coaches per academy

Changes of weightclass

Last chance to edit your registration is: 2024-05-15 23:59


Free entry for spectators. (Subject to availability of space).


There are plenty of parking spots spread around in Solna Business Park. Make sure to account for extra time when you plan your schedule. CLICK HERE  for a list of parking spots with links to google maps.

Public transport

The cross track (tvärbana) stops at Solna Business Park, which is located right next to the facility. It is just a few minutes from both Solna Station and Sundbyberg Station/Center

Organizer: AFN GRAPPLING, in Cooperation with Wolf Fight Promotion



  • Men 298 SEK
  • Women 298 SEK

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