Normal registration
06 May - 05 Jun 11:59 pm
Late registrations
05 Jun - 08 Jun 11:59 pm
Event starts 08 Jun

2024 SC State Judo Championships

SC State Judo Championships will include beginner to elite divisions for kids and adults. All ages, ranks, and skill levels are welcome. Event bonded with private insurance, so proof of national organization membership is not required. Spectators are FREE!


Date: June 8th, 2024

Venue: Northwood Baptist

           2200 Greenridge Rd, North Charleston, SC 29406

Registration Deadline: 6/5/2022 (Wednesday) Register online only.  By using the Smooth Comp interface, all matches will be scheduled and run through an automated bracketing and scoring system.  Coaches are encouraged to build a free academy profile.  Players will also make a free profile and add their academy.  

JUDO Tournament

Cost: $60/division, $20 additional divisions (Max 3 divisions) Exhibition matches available after official matches.  

Hotel Suggestions: 

Holiday Inn Express & Suites Charleston-Ashley Phosphate

7670 Northwoods Blvd, North Charleston, SC 29406      (843) 553-1600

Hampton Inn & Suites North Charleston-University Blvd

2688 Fernwood Dr, North Charleston, SC 29406       (843) 735-7500

Chief Referee: Dana Rucker

Brackets will be combined at tournament organizers discretion with the goal of larger brackets and maximum number of matches for players.  Samurai Slam tournaments are developmental, meaning that players should be challenged by a range of competitors to hone their skills.


8-10AM Setup Venue (All Volunteers)

8-10AM Check/Weigh-ins for Juvenile and under

9AM Kids Warmup Games with Coach Brad

10AM Referee Meeting

10:30AM Players Meeting 

11AM Opening Ceremony

11PM Kata, Juvenile and under Competition Starts

12-1PM Check/Weigh-ins for Cadet and above

2PM (approx) Cadet and above Competition Starts

5-7PM (approx) Awards and Takedown



  • Kata Performance 30 USD
    Price shown is for each team
  • Judo Veteran Men (VM) 60 USD
    Men 30yrs and up
  • Judo Senior Men (MN, MI, MA) 60 USD
    Men 15yrs and up
  • Judo Veteran Women (WV) 60 USD
    Women 30yrs and up
  • Judo Senior Women (WN, WI, WA) 60 USD
    Women 15 yrs and up
  • Judo Cadet Men (B9) 60 USD
    Men turning 15, 16, or 17 this year. Chokes and Armbars Allowed in Regular (Points) Division. Chokes only in Novice Division.
  • Judo Cadet Women (G9) 60 USD
    Women turning 15, 16, or 17 this year. Chokes allowed in novice division. Chokes and Armbars in all other divisions
  • Judo Juvenile (B8, G8) 60 USD
    Girls or Boys turning 13 or 14 this year. Chokes Allowed.
  • Judo Intermediate (B7, G7) 60 USD
    Boys or Girls turning 11 or 12 this year
  • Judo Bantam 6 (B6, G6) 60 USD
    Kids turning 10 this year
  • Judo Bantam 5 (B5, G5) 60 USD
    Kids turning 9 this year
  • Judo Bantam 4 (B4, G4) 60 USD
    Kids turning 8 this year
  • Judo Bantam 3 (B3, G3) 60 USD
    Kids turning 7 this year
  • Judo Bantam 2 (B2, G2) 60 USD
    Kids turning 6 this year

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