15 Sep 2019
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05 Jul - 01 Aug 00:00
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Nova Grappling - Youth Open

***This event will be for Junior White and Grey belts only. The age divisions will be Pee Wee 1 - Teen 1 (4-13 years old)***

Welcome to NOVA Grappling - Youth Open: Grappling Events You'll love!

The competition will start at 10am on Sunday 15th of September 2019 and will go on until approximately 4pm or until all matches have been completed. All registrations will be processed online via Smoothcomp, so refer to registration instructions. Please register your child before the deadline which will be 8th of September.

Please note there is limited parking on site, so feel free to use surrounding streets when full.

Competition Rules

For children who fall into the PEE WEE 1&2 category (4 to 7 years old), there will be the option of entering an additional NO SUBMISSIONS division. Matches can only be won via points or referee decision. If a child reaches a submission or illegal position they will not be disqualified but the match will be reset in a position the referee deems appropriate and both children will be allowed to finish the match.

For all other divisions, submissions that are LEGAL under IBJJF rules for their age group will be permitted. The match can be won via submission, points or referee decision. The safety of the competitor will always be the referee's main priority, if the referee feels that the submission is close they will end the match to ensure there is no injury to either child and declare the child applying the submission the winner.

Children may be moved up or down a category in weight or may be moved into a different belt category in order to make sure every bracket is well represented. We will always prioritise having kids in their correct category, but we also want to make sure everybody who enters gets the opportunity to compete against an opponent who has a similar level of experience and is close in weight.

We want to make sure all competitors that come to our competition get a fair opportunity to compete and most importantly enjoy their experience.

The Respect Rule

This event has a zero tolerance policy regarding inappropriate behaviour by coaches, parents/guardians, spectators and competitors.

All in attendance must show some restraint when their students or team mates are competing.

There will be competitors and spectators of all ages at this event and we are here to set an example. Any swearing, inappropriate gestures, violence (towards person or property) or berating the officials (regardless of any decisions they make) will not be tolerated.

If this happens, the referee/organiser has the right to disqualify that competitor, or to ask the coach to leave the area. If those concerned do not comply with the referee/organisers request the competitor will be disqualified from the event.

Refund Policy

Refunds available up until final entry deadline:

Sun September 8th


Croydon Judo Club »
38 Morland Ave
Timezone: Europe/London


  • Boys Gi 30 GBP
    Boys division for Gi
  • Girls Gi 30 GBP
    Girls division for Gi
  • Boys & Girls Gi 4 to 7 yrs (No Submissions) 30 GBP
    A mixed belt and gender division for those under 8 years old. Points based with no submissions.