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02 Nov - 02 May 23:59
Event starts 14 May

Stora Höga Open 2022 Kyokushin Kumite

Stora Höga Open 2022,Kyokushin Kumite is an International Kyokushin tournament for children, cadets, juniors, seniors and veterans.

Stora Höga Open is an International Kyokushin tournament. It is open to all Kyokushin groups and organisations which would like to participate and test their skills under the Stora Höga Open Tournament Regulations.

Entrance fee for audience:
60 SEK from 18 and over
40 SEK for 7-17
Free for 7 and under


The competition will be streamed, more info will come later.

Preliminary Program

Friday 13/5
18.00-20.00 Registration and weighing

Saturday 14/5
07.30-08.30 Registration and weighing
08.00-08.30 Information for Judges
08.50 Set up for march per club in size, shortest first
09.00 Entrance, greeting, welcome speech
09.15 The competition starts
Approx. 13.00-14.00  Break and price ceremony for age 7-13
Approx. 18.30 Price ceremony for age 14 and up

The rules You can find the rules for the competition here:
SHO Rules
Svenska Karateförbundet Rules

Criteria for competing A competitor will be asked for proof of age by producing an ID card or country passport.
Extra Criteria for Swedish competitors (only) 
For legal reasons, Swedish competitors (only) from the age of 12 must be able to produce a competitors card (“tävlingskort”) issued from an organization under the Swedish Sports Confederation (“Riksidrottsförbundet”) (such as “Budo och Kampsportsförbundet” or “Karateförbundet”).



  • Juniors 200 SEK
  • Seniors 250 SEK
  • Veterans +40 250 SEK

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