The first official Mauricio Gomes Legacy Cup, Saturday 22nd January 2022. The Pioneer of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in the UK - the undefeated fighter - invites you to step on the mats and find out what you’re made of.

Entry is NOW OPEN




We are thrilled to provide this exciting opportunity to compete within in a beautiful sports arena, with viewing balcony, Cafe Nero, toilets, changing rooms, shower rooms, and lockers. There will also be a range of exciting merchandise stalls and refreshments available throughout the day.

22nd January 2022

Warwick University Sports Hub, Coventry, CV4 7EU

Doors open at 9am

Weigh in available from 9am

Competition starts at 10am

Spectators pay on the day - £5 per person. Under 5s free

There is plenty of car parking directly outside the venue, please follow signs on the day. Please be prepared to pay for parking by card, phone or app.

This event is sponsored by Silverback Strength and Conditioning, Raine Clothing, Adapt Jiu Jitsu, and Grapplers Gift.




You can make changes to your registration via your Smoothcomp account until 10pm on 17th January 2022.

Event organizer's may make changes to your division but it is the competitor's responsibility to move divisions if you wish.  

Please make sure you register in the correct weight division as failure to make weight will result in DQ. You will not be able to change your weight category on the day if you don't make weight.

48 hours prior to the tournament, the event brackets and tentative schedule will be released.




SUBMISSION ONLY - IBJJF submission rule set (

IBJJF timings will apply to all divisions.

All masters divisions will adhere to IBJJF adult division submission and timing rules

REFEREES DECISION IS FINAL in the event of no submission. Submission attempts outweigh positional dominance.

Submit from Mauricio's iconic KNEE ON BELLY position to win an annual subscription to ROGER GRACIE TV ONLINE.

Gold, Silver and Bronze medals will be awarded to each division and absolute winners.

Team cups will be awarded to the three teams with the most medals won at the end of the day.

Gi's are to be competition colours only, white, black or royal blue. Gi's will be checked and must be IBJJF legal. no more than 4 fingers width in the Gi sleeve and Gi trousers.

Two coaches passes will be issued per academy. These must be requested via email a minimum of one week prior to the event.

Please weigh in wearing Shorts/Spats and Rash Guard. You only need to weigh in once, this must be done at east 1 hour prior to your first match. this applies to all competitors, You do not need to weigh in wearing your Gi.

You will be able to check the live timings of the day using the Smoothcomp app. It is the competitors responsibility to check timings regularly and ensure you are ready to fight at the right time.

Competitors need to check into the holding area a minimum of 15 minutes before their fight. Competitors will be collected from the holding area 5 minutes before their fight and taken to their mat. Please ensure you are there in good time, late arrivals will result in DQ.

Our experienced Head Ref will make any final decisions regarding matches on the day. We expect our staff to be respected at all times, on and off the mats. One of Mauricio's rules in life is 'don't be a dick.' If you behave like one, you will be removed from the event.




Refunds may be offered for the following reasons only: competitor becomes injured before the event, or, no suitable match has been found for your selected division*

*Refund will only be available if no suitable match can be found outside of your selected divsions.


Warwick Sports Hub »
University of Warwick, Sports and Wellness Hub, Cryfield Village, Coventry CV4 7EU
Timezone: Europe/London

Cancel/Refund policy


  • Kids Gi 40 GBP
  • Kids No-Gi 40 GBP
  • Male Gi 45 GBP
  • Male Gi Absolute 15 GBP
  • Male No-Gi 45 GBP
  • Male No-Gi Absolute 15 GBP
  • Female Gi 45 GBP
  • Female Gi Absolute 15 GBP
  • Female No-Gi 45 GBP
  • Female No-Gi Absolute 15 GBP