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22 Jun - 07 Jul 5:01 am
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Deadline 07 Jul 2:59 pm


5th Annual Women and Girls Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Charity Tournament. 

Hosted by the Womens Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation. 

Every year the WBJJF host a charity tournament for women and girls ages 3 and up. We select a charity that we feel is important to our community and have proceeds from tournament go to that years selected charity. 

This year I am happy to announce that we are partnering with Soldier's Wish. Soldiers Wish grants wishes for returning veterans. It can be any kind of wish. From a wheelchair ramp, or new floors in the home, to a new computer for returning to school. If a returning hero can think of something they need to make life easier or better, Soldier's Wish will grant it. 

This tournament us a great way for women and girls in the sport of jiu jitsu to come together and build relationships. 


Timezone: America/Chicago


  • Adult Gi 65 USD
  • Adult No Gi 65 USD
  • Adult Absolute 0 USD
  • Masters Gi 65 USD
  • Masters No Gi 65 USD
  • Masters Absolute 0 USD
  • Little Ninja Gi 65 USD
  • Little Ninja No Gi 65 USD
  • Girls Gi 65 USD
  • Girls No Gi 65 USD
  • Girls Absolute 0 USD
    Absolute for age brackets
  • Teen Gi 65 USD
  • Teen No Gi 65 USD
  • Teen Gi Absolute 0 USD