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25 Jun - 12 Aug
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13 Aug - 06 Sep


MLJJ is holding a simultaneous kids/teens/adults round robin tournament, as well as an 8 team, team v. team dual meet tournament of the best teams in Florida!

Adult Team Tournament Invitational and Accompanying Kids/Teens/Adults Individual Tournament open to all academies, ages, weights, and skill levels (2 divisions per registration).  Age is determined by participants age on 12/31/18.

MLJJ will be holding a traditional kids/teens/adult round robin tournament at the same time as an all new academy v. academy 8 team dual meet tournament of the best teams in Florida.  Spectators will be able to watch both the kids/teens/adults compete as well as their coaches at the same time on different mats, making for an extremely exciting and engaging day.

Team v. Team Dual Meet Style Format. Winning team advances from quarterfinals to semi-finals, then semi-finals to the Team Championships.

The 8 teams included in the dual meet tournament are as follows:

Ghost Squad

Fight Sports Miami

Schlosser BJJ

Matt Arroyo's Gracie Tampa South MMA

Moncaio Brothers Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

American Top Team Weston

Renato Tavares Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Daniel Perez Jiu Jitsu Academy

Eight, 5-grappler teams will compete (10 grapplers total can be entered on a roster, but only 5 will compete in each team match). Extra roster spots are substitutes for injury or for strategy. Teams may use a different lineup each match and do not need to declare which grapplers will compete in each weight class until immediately before each individual match.

5 weight classes a follows:

• Lightweight (155 lb.)

• Welterweight (170 lb.)

• Middleweight (185 lb.)

• Light-Heavyweight (205 lb.)

• Heavyweight (265 lb.)

2 Brown Belts maximum may compete in the 5 matches, Unlimited Purple and Blue Belts. No Black Belts.

Dual Meet Format

There will be 5 matches in each Team v. Team match, 1 match in each weight class, starting at Lightweight and finishing with Heavyweight. The winner of the match will receive points for his team based upon method of victory; the loser will not receive any points for his team. The team with the most points after all 5 matches will be declared the winner.

Team Scoring

Points from individual matches will be awarded to the team as follows:

• 3 points for decision by 8 points or less;

• 4 points for decision by 9 points or more;

• 6 points for submission; and

• 6 points for injury default, disqualification, or forfeit.

Team Scoring Example:

Blue Team v. Red Team

• 155- Sam (Blue) Dec. Fred (Red) 6-2. Team score- Blue 3, Red 0

• 170- Miguel (Blue) Sub Carlos (Red). Team score- Blue 9, Red 0

• 185- Brad (Red) Sub Peter (Blue). Team score- Blue 9, Red 6

• 205- Alex (Red) Dec. Shawn (Blue) 14-3. Team score- Blue 9, Red 10

• 265- Chris (Blue) Sub David (Red). Team score- Blue 15, Red 10


If team score is tied after all 5 matches, the tie-breaker is the team with the most submissions, the 2nd tie-breaker is the team with most wins.

Grappler Match Assignments and declaration of Gi or No-Gi Match

A coin flip will determine which team will send out the first grappler and choose whether that individual match is Gi or No-Gi. After the first grappler checks in as the competitor for that weight class, the 2nd team will send out its grappler. After the first grappler checks in, there is no changing of grappler by the first team. The process is alternated between each team, each individual match.

Competitors must be an active member at the gym location. Grapplers who occasionally visit may not compete for that team (no super teams).


Quarterfinals on two mats begin at 9 a.m.

Kids/Teens/Adult Round Robin tournament begins at 10:00 a.m.

Semi-finals of team tournament to immediately follow the quarterfinals on two mats

Finals 2:00 p.m. on 1 mat.

                                Kids Under 18    Adult Beginners     Adult Interm    Adult Advanced

STRAIGHT ARM LOCK       YES                    YES                    YES                   YES

CHOKES W/KIMONO      YES                   YES                     YES                  YES

KIMURA/AMERICANA      YES                    YES                    YES                   YES

REAR NAKED CHOKE        YES                    YES                    YES                  YES

ARM TRIANGLE                 YES                    YES                    YES                  YES


                                        YES                   YES                     YES                  YES

EZEQUIEL CHOKE             YES                    YES                     YES                  YES

OMOPLATA                      YES                     YES                    YES                  YES

TRIANGLE(Pulling Head)     YES                    YES                     YES                  YES

GROIN STRETCH               NO                    YES                     YES                 YES

STRAIGHT FOOT LOCK      NO                    YES                     YES                 YES

GUILLOTINE CHOKE(standing) NO               YES                     YES                 YES

WRIST LOCK                     NO                    YES                     YES                 YES

JUMPING FULL CLOSED GAURD NO             NO                     YES                YES

KNEE BAR                         NO                    NO                     YES                YES

TOE HOLD(inside/outside)  NO                    NO                     YES                YES

KNEE REAP                       NO                     NO                     YES                YES

BICEP/CALF SLICER            NO                     NO                    YES                 YES

NECK CRANK                   NO                     NO                    NO                 YES

TWISTER                           NO                      NO                   NO                  YES

SCISSOR TAKEDOWN       NO                     NO                    NO                  NO-GI ONLY

HEEL HOOK                      NO                     NO                    NO                 NO-GI ONLY

SLAM                                NO                     NO                    NO                 NO

ADVANTAGES                    NO                    NO                    NO                  NO


Coral Springs Gymnasium
2501 Coral Springs Drive, Coral Springs, FL 33065 »
Timezone: America/New_York


  • Teens - Gi 89 USD
  • Teens - No Gi 89 USD
  • Adult Man - Gi 89 USD
    18 years and above
  • Adult Woman - Gi 89 USD
    18 years and above
  • Team v. Team Dual Meet Tournament (Invite Only-Coupon Code Needed) 89 USD
    18 years and above
  • Adult Man - No Gi 89 USD
    18 years and above
  • Adult Woman - No Gi 89 USD
    18 years and above
  • Child - Gi 89 USD
    Boys and Girls 12 and under
  • Child - No Gi 89 USD
    Boys and Girls 12 and under
  • Spectator 10 USD
    Spectator Only (Competitors Do Not Purchase)