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31 Aug - 15 Oct 11:59 pm
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15 Oct - 22 Oct 1:00 pm
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2022 Denver Classic Judo Championship

We are excited to announce the 2022 Denver Classic Judo Championships to be held Saturday, October 22, 2022 at Gateway High School in Aurora, CO. Divisions will be available for novice and advanced competitors in the junior, senior, and veterans/masters divisions, as well as kata. Athletes from all states are welcome!

WEIGH IN NOTE: Coaches may weigh in their players the Thursday prior to competition, October 20, 2022.  Weights must be submitted to [email protected] no later than noon on Friday, October 21, 2022.  All players are subject to weight verification at the tournament site on Saturday.

The published weight divisions will be modified and/or combined based on the age and weight ranges of the contestants entered.  

Held under the sanction of Colorado Judo League and USA Judo; Sanction #00224

Tournament Director: Heidi Moore
Head Referee: Marcos Batan, IJF B

Eligibility: Open competition. Contestants from all states are welcome. All contestants must be currently registered and insured with one of the following national organizations: USA Judo (NGB, USJI), USJF, or USJA.  (Membership in USA Judo will be available at the tournament site during registration.) See below for age/weight eligibility. Foreign competitors will need to provide a letter from their national federation giving approval for their participation.

Awards: Medals for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners in all divisions. Championship belts and cash awards for the winners of the men’s and women’s open divisions. Team Trophies for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place teams. 

IJF Rules with the following modifications:

Pre-2004 rules regarding medical attention will be used.

 Match times: Seniors – 4 minutes, unlimited golden score, Juniors and Masters – 3 minutes, 1 minute golden score

Juniors 12 and under: Chokes and Armlocks NOT allowed.
13-14: Armlocks NOT allowed.

Senior Novice and Masters Novice Categories: Armlocks NOT allowed.

The following elimination system will be used:

1. More than 5 competitors: Modified double elimination

2. 5 or fewer competitors: Round Robin elimination

Roll Call: Kata: 8:30am

Junior Categories: 9:30am (or immediately following kata competition)

Senior, Masters: Not before 12:30pm

Open division: At the conclusion of senior and master competition

Categories: Senior Divisions: Open to male and female competitors who are 15 years and older

Senior Novice Divisions: Open to male and female competitors who are 15 years and older who are below Brown Belt (Sankyu).

Senior Open Division: The open division is open to all senior competitors. Registration will be available the day of competition as well as in advance.

Masters Divisions: Open to male and female competitors who are 30 years and older.

Masters Novice Divisions: Open to male and female competitors who are 30 years and older and below Brown Belt (Sankyu).

Junior Boys and Girls Divisions: Athletes ages 5 – 16 years may enter the junior category.

Junior Novice Boys and Girls Divisions: Athletes ages 5 – 16 years and who are WHITE or YELLOW BELTS ONLY may enter the junior novice divisions. ½ yellow - ½ orange belts may enter the novice category.

Kata: Kata divisions will be offered for Nage no Kata, Katame no Kata, Ju no Kata, and Kime no Kata. All teams will be allowed to demonstrate their kata regardless of the number of entries.

Competitors may enter as many divisions as they wish.

Judogi: The use of blue judogi is optional. All competitors MUST have a white judogi. Competitors called to the “white” side MUST wear white, and will not be allowed to compete in a blue judogi.

Females must wear a white or off-white t-shirt with no markings or embellishments under the gi.

Age and Weight divisions 

Junior Boys & Girls 6 & under -42lbs -51lbs -62lbs +62lbs

Junior Boys & Girls 7 & 8 -55lbs -68lbs -77lbs +77lbs


Junior Boys 9 & 10 -66lbs -75lbs -84lbs -95lbs +95lbs

11 & 12 -75lbs -90lbs -105lbs -120lbs +120lbs

13 & 14 -94lbs -110lbs -128lbs -150lbs -176lbs +176lbs

15 & 16 -121lbs -132lbs -145lbs -161lbs -178lbs -198lbs +198lbs

Junior Girls 9 & 10 -66lbs -75lbs -84lbs -95lbs +95lbs

11 & 12 -75lbs -84lbs -97lbs -108lbs +108lbs

13 & 14 -99lbs -110lbs -121lbs -132lbs -148lbs +148lbs

15 & 16 -99lbs -106lbs -114lbs -125lbs -139lbs -154lbs +154lbs

Senior Men -132lbs -145lbs -161lbs -178lbs -198lbs -220lbs +220lbs Open

Senior Women -106lbs -114lbs -125lbs -139lbs -154lbs -172lbs +172lbs Open

Masters Men -132lbs -145lbs -161lbs -178lbs -198lbs -220lbs +220lbs

Masters Women -106lbs -114lbs -125lbs -139lbs -154lbs -172lbs +172lbs

*Masters Competitors: If possible, masters will be broken down by age.

Special Rules:

1. A competitor who voluntarily enters an age or weight division that is higher than his or her normal division must abide by the rules of that division. Example: a competitor whose age would normally not allow the use of chokes (or armlocks), is subject to choking (or armlock) techniques if he or she voluntarily enters a division where chokes (or armlocks) are allowed.

2. Contestants who complete in two or more categories must submit two or more entry forms and pay two or more entry fees.

All age/weight categories may be modified depending on the weight range of the contestants entered and after considering fairness and safety of the competitors. Coaches, competitors, and/or parents will be advised if any published weight category is changed.

Any situation not covered by the above will be decided by the tournament director after

considering the safety of, and fairness to, all contestants.

Decisions by the tournament director are final!


October 22, 2022

7:30 - 8:30   Walk up registration and weigh in for junior athletes and kata

8:30  Kata competition

Junior competition - Immediately following conclusion of kata, no earlier than 9:30am 

11:00 - 12:00   Walk up registration and weigh in for seniors and veterans/masters

Senior and Masters competition - no earlier that 1:00pm

Open division - immediately at the close of senior competition

All competitors must have a current membership in USA Judo, USJA, or USJF.  Only USA Judo members from Colorado can be verified at the tournament venue.

MAAPP Policy The Center for SafeSport has developed the Minor Athlete Prevention Policies (MAAPP) which USA Judo has adapted to our own sport. The MAAPP is a collection of proactive and training policies comprised of two parts; Education & Training Policy that requires training for certain Adult Participants and the Required Prevention Policies, focused on limiting one-on-one interactions between Adult Participants and Minor Athletes to prevent abuse. The full MAAPP policy and the reporting mechanism for SafeSport infractions can be found at .



  • Senior Men 40 USD
  • Senior Men Open 40 USD
  • Senior Women 40 USD
  • Senior Women Open 40 USD
  • Masters Men 40 USD
    Men 30 and older
  • Masters Women 40 USD
    Women 30 and older
  • Junior Boys 40 USD
  • Junior Girls 40 USD
  • Kata 20 USD
    Price shown is for each player

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