27 Oct 2018

Submission League

Normal registration
20 Aug - 25 Oct 2:01 pm
Late registrations
Deadline 27 Oct 9:00 pm


Gi (Modified IBJJF Rules) and No Gi (EBI Rules) hosted by Triad and 10th Planet Decatur

After a great success with our last tournament Triad Martial Arts and 10th Planet Decatur are excited to bring our next Submission League tournament!

This is a Gi and No Gi event. You may enter both divisions for no additional cost. 

In an effort to make this event available to everyone and to encourage a huge community-wide event, we have decided to only charge $45 per competitor if you pre-register ($70 standard registration)! This is much less than the entry fee to many similar tournaments. Pre-registration ends at midnight on October 24th.

A quick rundown:

October 27th at 10th Planet Decatur

$45 entry fee (pre-registration); $70 if registering same day

EBI Rules for No Gi Divisions; Modified IBJJF Rules for Gi Divisions

6 Minute Matches

Weight Classes for men and women. 

White Belt and Blue Belt Divisions

Purple/Brown/Black Belts will all be in same division, divided by weight class.

Kids divisions will be built on the day of the tournament in the most fair way that we can manage. We want a GREAT experience for all of our competitors. So register your child in the appropriate weight class and we promise to deliver a great experience!


10th Planet Jiu Jitsu Decatur »
108 Lenwood Rd Decatur AL 35603
Timezone: America/Chicago


  • Gi - Adult Male 45 USD
    Adult Male Gi
  • No Gi - Adult Male 45 USD
    Adult Male No Gi
  • Absolute - Adult Male 0 USD
  • Gi - Adult Female 45 USD
    16 years and above
  • No Gi - Adult Female 45 USD
    16 years and above
  • Absolute - Adult Female 0 USD
  • Gi - Boys 45 USD
    Gi - Boys
  • No Gi - Boys 45 USD
    No Gi - Boys
  • Gi - Girls 45 USD
    Gi - Girls
  • No Gi - Girls 45 USD
    No Gi - Girls
  • Un Used 0 USD