General Tournament Rules , Timings & Weigh-ins

Tournament format & timings

All white belt/novice matches will be 5 minutes in duration. All other bouts will be 6 minutes. The bout can be won in normal time by submission, referee stoppage (due to loss of consciousness, injury or to prevent injury occurring) or disqualification. In the event of a time limit draw the referee will render a decision with the winner being the athlete who came closest to securing the submission, has shown aggressive control (dominant positions while attempting to set up submissions) or who has the least amount of penalties. All referee's decisions are final. 

Disciplinary Measures

The following will result in an immediate disqualification from your match and any other divisions you are entered into in the event.
Physical or verbal abuse of an opponent/official/coach or spectator

The following will result in immediate disqualification from your match, however you will still be able to continue in other divisions you are entered into.

Use of an illegal technique
Deliberately fleeing the competition area to avoid a submission.
3 Penalties being issued for minor fouls (illegal grips or failing to follow the referee's instructions)
Vomiting, losing control of bladder/bowels.
Bleeding from an injury that requires treatment more than twice (has to be the same cut/graze)
Damaged uniform that you are unable to change within 5 minutes


Competitors must push the action at all times. If a competitor is viewed by the referee to be simply holding position a penalty will be issued. The referee will make the standard IBJJF foul gesture while saying "Passivity". In the event of a time limit draw the competitor with the least penalties will win. In the event of 3 penalties (either minor fouls or stalling) being issued to the same competitor that athlete will be disqualified from the bout. 
Please note that athletes can, unlike in IBJJF rules, be penalised for stalling in mount, back mount or back control if the referee does not believe them to be hunting the submission.

Weigh-in Procedure

All weigh-ins will be conducted no gi. Competitors must make weight on our scales. No Allowance is given. Failure to make weight will be an instant disqualification with no prospect of refund.


  • Absolute Men - Gi 10 GBP
  • Absolute Women - Gi 10 GBP
  • Male No-Gi 50 GBP
    18 years and above
  • Absolute Men - No Gi 10 GBP
  • Female No-Gi 50 GBP
    18 years and above
  • Male Gi 50 GBP
    18 years and above
  • Absolute Women - No Gi 10 GBP
  • Female Gi 50 GBP
    18 years and above

Cancel/Refund policy