Smoothcomp stands with Ukraine.
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Smoothcompは、クラウド上のトーナメントソフトウェアであり、登録やブラケット、チーム、試合、コーチ、選手などを整理するのに役立ちます。つまりイベント全ての管理ができます。 機能をご覧ください。 »

私たちのチームは2000年以来、国際レベルで大きなトーナメントを幾度となく開催してきた経験があり、素晴らしいトーナメントの開催にどのような作業が必要になるかを知っています。私たちも以前は大会開催に関して解決策を探していた側でしたが、良いものを見つけることはできなかったので、私たちが独自のプラットフォームを構築することにしました。そして Smoothcompが誕生しました。私たちは今、世界中の大会主催者や選手、コーチたちがより良いトーナメントを体験できるよう手助けするための素晴らしい旅を歩んでいます。

Sales and support

Ricard Carneborn

COO & Co-founder
Black Belt in BJJ
Black Belt in Sport Ju-Jutsu

Ricard has trained martial arts since 1986 and competed for 10 years on elite level. He is head instructor for his academy Nacka Dojo, CEO of Ctrl Sports and co-founder of Smoothcomp. He is the organizer of some of the biggest tournaments in Scandinavia called Nordic Open, tournaments for both BJJ and JJIF Fighting established in 2000. He loves his work and the motto: "Working hard for something we do not care about is called stress; working hard for something we love is called passion".

Martin Varghult

CPO & Co-founder
Brown Belt in BJJ

Martin has been working with web design since the late 90's and founded the web agency Pixelstore in 2005. He is training BJJ in Stenungsunds Kampsportsakademi under fellow Smoothcomp sensei Martin Janson. Together they developed the embryo for Smoothcomp while hosting the tournament Swedish Open BJJ. Martin loves design and graphical user interfaces. He follows Dieter Ram's ten principles for good design and the motto "good design is as little design as possible".

Martin Janson

CEO & Co-founder
Black Belt in BJJ

Martin has been involved in martial arts since 1996, fighting ”light MMA” or ”Shootfighting” in the early -00´s. Since 2005 he has dedicated himself to grappling and BJJ. He runs a BJJ academy in his hometown Stenungsund. The academy started up organizing a small tournament back in 2005 that over time became Swedish Open BJJ - one of Northern Europe's largest BJJ tournaments. Martin loves great organization as much as he dislikes unnecessary work, ”everything should run smooth”.

Development and design

Alexander Karlsson

System Developer
Black Belt in Laravel & Cloud Computing

Christian Person

System Developer
Black Belt in Streaming & Computer Graphics

Anders Stigsson

System Developer
White Belt in BJJ
Black Belt in Web Development

Jennifer Österlin

Muay Thai World Champion

Richard Johansson

Support & QA
Black Belt in BJJ

Isabell Anderberg

Support & Social Media
Purple Belt in BJJ

Josefine Varghult

Black Belt in Economics