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Nijmegen Open BJJ 2022

The IMAC organization would like to welcome everybody back again to the third edition of the Nijmegen Open BJJ in the oldest City of The Netherlands, Nijmegen.


- If you want to register, sent an email with the needed information and you will be placed on the waiting list -


On this third edition there will be an opportunity for everyone to try out their skills during the competition. All competitors will be guaranteed to have at least 2 fights.

During this tournament we will have at 6 competition areas and a warming up area.

Maximum number of comptitors

This year we will have a maximum of:

  • 250 adult & masters competitors; and
  • 150 kids competitors

Registration deadlines

Early registrations:

02-04-2022 - 01-05-2022 Costs: € 30,-

Normal registrations:

01-05-2022 - 31-07-2022 23:59 Costs: € 35,-

Late registrations:

01-08-2022 - 24-09-2022 23:59 Costs: € 45,-

Kids registration

Early registrations:

02-04-2022 - 31-07-2022 23:59 Costs: € 15,-

Late registrations:

01-08-2022 - 25-09-2022 23:59 Costs: € 25,-  

Black belts: Costs: FREE


When your registration has peen paid it will not be able to get your fee back, everything will be used to bring the other competitors the best service as possible.


All competitors must have done their weigh-in 1 hour before the start of their first match. Pay attention to your starting time, the times are dynamic and will change during the day. Check this link on how to keep an eye on your bracket dynamic time.

Weigh-in must be done in full gi with belt. Men are not allowed to wear rashguard underneath their gi, ladies are allowed to wear one. There will be a zero tolerance at the weigh-in. If you don't make weight, you will be disqualified and you lose your match on 'Walk-Over'. All the '+' competitors also have to show up at the weigh-in to let them know they're present, if you don't show up you'll lose on 'No-show'.

Please note that you can change divisions (belt or weight) until 30-09-2022 23:59. You can do this in your own account. Check this link on how to do it yourself.


Kids will compete in a round-robin system with a maximum of 4 fights.

Adults & Masters will compete in a double knock-out system.

The Absolutes will be a single knock-out system.

We've divided the masters into two masters divisions, Masters 1 (30-40) & Masters 2 (40+).

White belts will be divided in two divisions, White belt beginners (0 - 6 months experience) and White belt advanced (more then 6 months experience).


Belt: White, Grey, Yellow, Orange & Green

Age: 4-5, 6-7, 8-9, 10-12 & 13-15

Weightclass: -20 kg, -24 kg, -27 kg, -30 kg, -34 kg, -38 kg, -42 kg, -46 kg, -50 kg, -55 kg, -60 kg, -65 kg, -70kg, -75 kg & +75 kg

Boys & girls will compete together in 4-5 & 6-7 years old, 8-9, 10-12 & 13-15 boys & girls compete seperate, unless there aren't enough opponents, then if it will be discussed how their registrations will be merged.

Note: if there are to few competitors in a division (belt or weight) the organization will move the competitor up to the next available higher division (weight divisions will be merged with the division below).


Age: 16+ (adults), 30+ (masters 1) & 40+ (masters 2)

Weight class: -57,5 kg, -64 kg, -70 kg, -76 kg, -82,3 kg, -88,3 kg, -94,3 kg, -100,5 kg & +100,5 kg


Age: 16+ (adults), 30+ (masters 1) & 40+ (masters 2)

Weight class: -48,5 kg, -53,5 kg, -58,5 kg, -64 kg, -69 kg, -74 kg, -79,3 kg & +79,3 kg

Note: if there are to few competitors in a division (belt or weight) the organization will move the competitor up to the next available higher division (weight divisions will be merged with the division below).


All medal winners from the blue belts and up can register to compete in the Absolutes brackets directly after their medal ceremony. The Absolute brackets will be started after the final fight of a belt level has been finished and will be merged into the the fight order.

Note: Only for blue belts and up - adults & masters have separate Absolute brackets

best team trophy

Make sure you stay untill the end of the kids division, after the last kids medal ceremony we will hand out trophies to the top 3 best academies in the kids division.

After the final adult medal ceremony there will also be trophies for the top 3 academies for the adults (open class results excluded).



2 minutes - Kids: 4-5

3 minutes - Kids 6-12

4 minutes - Kids 13-15


5 minutes - White belts

6 minutes - Blue belts

7 minutes - Purple belts

8 minutes - Elite belts (brown & black)

Masters 1:

5 minutes - White belts

5 minutes - Blue belts

6 minutes - Purple belts

7 minutes - Elite belts (brown & black)

Masters 2:

5 minutes - All belts

Note: if there are combined brackets with different belt levels, the match duration of the lowest belt level will be applied.


Be at the warm-up area 3 fights before your match starts, pay attention to the live bracket schedule on Smoothcomp. The brackets will be visible at the weigh-in, but also on the screen your mobile phone at the Smoothcomp website. Keep in mind that it is your own responsibility to be on time. When your name has been called out you have to be ready at your competition mat within 2 minutes otherwise you will be disqualified. 


The competitors are allowed to have 1 coach with them at the competition area. There will be a spot on each side of the score table, one for each coach.

  •  1 coach per team for 1-2 competitors
  • 2 coaches per team for 3-4 competitors
  • 3 coaches per team for 5-6 competitors
  • 4 coaches per team for more then 6 competitors


This event will be contested under IBJJF standards. You can find the rules on www.ibjjf.com/rules/

Note: In all situations that recall a belt difference, the lower belt rules will be applied.


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*Trav'l  ~ Trav'l begeleide vakanties ~

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Visitors will have free acces and there will be enough free parking spaces near the venue. So support your teammates and help them getting ready before and after their fights.

Location information

Location name: Sporthal 'De Triangel'

Street name: Griftdijk Noord 9 b

Zip code: 6663 AA

City: Nijmegen - LENT


08:00 Doors open & start weigh-in

09:00 Kick-off first matches


  • Female 35 EUR
    16 years and above
  • Female Black belt 0 EUR
    19 years and above
  • Male 35 EUR
    16 years and above
  • Male Black belt 0 EUR
    19 years and above
  • Kids 15 EUR
    4 - 15 year old kids compete in the kids division

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